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Description : Some of my old chops

Description : lmao my next loop will be a regular one again, just working with my td3 atm and have some fun, acid techno dance

Description : acisd house techno party rave hard

Description : Chomp

Description : This is a 303 through a distortion pedal and a trance gate. Add your own delay for extra bouncy trance or techno!

Description : This is a 16 bar loop of a TD3 through a distortion pedal and some light chorus from my mixer. Lots of character and great screaming filter tweaks. Aciiid!Recorded in Audacity, checked in Reason.

Description : I have nothing to say for this

Description : Oldschool acid bass

Description : Made in Bram Bos's Tunafish

Description : Tearing your mind to pieces

Description : oh bro hello, I am a musician and beatmaker. we can do a lot in common! find me by nickname and write

Description : At the office.

Description : _____

Description : Made with Fl Studio, Kontakt and Roland PC MK II. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;)

Description : EDM club bassline for your projects and inspiration. Good luck in creativity!)
Sample Pack - EDM DROPS Vol.2

Description : idk kinda soud like some 2020 digicore/osquinn/novagang type shi if u speed it up

Description : Electro

Description : Comment with the beat/song you made with the loop

Description : I really like acid even if I don't dare to make it, it's music that awakens an almost animal instinct in me, I love it.

Description : Made with soul for soul. Use it as you want, if you've used it, show me!
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rap pop jazz hip hop atmosphere slave33 like star
Thanks! With love from Siberia

Description : New Loop Kit Out - Click Profile for Details
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Tags: WLR, KenCar$on, Carti, Pluck.

Description : hard synth

Description : Stacatto slap playing with delay pedal, this is NOT a conventional bass line. Gear used - Fender Jazz bass, Boss DL-2 delay and Boss CS-2 compressor.
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Description : This sample is written in GMS

Description : This sample is written in GMS

Loops 1 - 25 of 242