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Description : A percussive groove played on a vintage 1970's clavinet keyboard.

Description : A clavinet plays a bouncy rhythm.

Harmonies: Gm7____Fm7

Description : Simple pentatonic melody + drone, played on a Guzheng, a traditional Chinese zither-like instrument.

Description : c minor chord variations

Description : Mlodie cre sur Keyscape avec effets de reverb/echo.
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Description : Yeat, Summrs, Kankan, Uzi

Description : couper dercaler guitars loopkit available now: link in bio

Description : so, i made this weird loops with a harpsichord preset, so i layer it with some other medieval instruments, and put a bunch of effects, and the result is that, hope you like it

Description : Yeat, Lil Keed, Drake, Kankan, Summrs

Description : Made in Xpand2!

Description : yes...

Description : yes...

Description : Trap loop made with a harp one shot and shaperbox.
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Description : roland juno soundbase
works great with rnb i guess

Description : Harpsichord Melody

Description : Harp Chords made by me Let me know what you've made :D

Description : I hope u guys use it and make bangers with it. Make sure to drop a comment down below with what you made and follow my ig for midis, more loops etc. I love u guys

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Description : An electric harpsichord plays a percussive riff.
Harmonies: E----F#min-----B6

Description : Have fun! Show me what u made of! =)

Description : i used it ofc for trap metal but i think it can be used for msthn different as well....
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Description : triplet quantized
bouncy glockenspiel melody
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Description : Pyrex Whippa x Southside x Pvlace Loop Dark Asian loop

Description : Dark Drill/Trap Loop.
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Loops 1 - 25 of 152