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Description : A harpsichord plays an eerie theme suggestive of a spy thriller. 8 bars long.

Description : Simple harpischord with some effects.
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Description : A harpsichord plays a fast-tempo energetic, slightly psychedelic groove.

Description : Drop a link in the comment I want to hear what you did with this loop. This is just a main sound from the up-coming sample pack I am preparing, stay tuned for the best sample pack on the market!

Description : Comment your work, I want to hear what you did to this loop. The best 50 Cent x Digga D loop sample pack is in the works these melodies will be available soon with full samples and sounds these are just the main chords.

Description : Drop a comment if you made something out of this!

Description : Want more or part 2? Dm me in Ig!
Works perfect for Vintage, Travis Scott, Cubeatz, Migos, Dark Type Beats

Description : Asian klimpersound. Have fun and show me what u made of! =)

Description : Asian klimpersound. Have fun and show me what u made of! =)

Description : 26 Harpsichord 2 - Melody (Arturia Jun-6 V)

Description : 2000s Loop made by Yoshi
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Description : Dark, sad, piano. Post your work!

Description : Digital Pluck Loop
Kankan Type Loop
Send me a link of your work if you use this loop!
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Description : The clavinet plays a quietly energetic passage.

Gm____Em b5 add7____D#b9_____Dsus4___D7 b9

Description : You Not So Dark Bro Clavinet, for all your dark bro clavinet needs

Description : Making dark and eerie trap beats, to hit you deep. I check comments so post your links!

Description : Making dark and eerie trap beats, to hit you deep. Spent a lot of time perfecting this, I check comments so post your links!

Description : Chopped, pitched and EQ'd version of 'Trendy German-type Asian Reggaeton Melody' by Makalo


Description : all are run threw effect pedals! Hit Me up For The Full Starter Kit and/or Full Loops (Social Links In Bio) This is in the style of: Nardo Wick, Future, Southside, Doeboy, Yung Mal, 808 Mafia.

Description : A clavinet plays a bouncy, funky rhythm. 8 seamless bars.

Harmonies: C Blues_________Eb Blues____

Description : Well... Handel died 400 years ago so this loop inspired in his Passacaglia in Gm it's legal lol. It's amazing how after almost 500 years some music patterns sounds similar to new ones nowday. I'm curious about where you gonna use this loop (if you use it) so let me know by sharing your work in comments :) Also you should listen to passacaglia in Gm I'm sure you gonna get fresh ideas for modern loops from there.

Description : I was playing and improvising around and then I thought: Hmm Can baroque music be loopable? then here you have lol. I don't know if someone would download this but if you do share your work. What did use this loop for? :) For custom loops, MIDI, Sample packs and original music contact me. You can also support me to keep uploading loops. Contacts are listed on my profile by clicking on my profile picture

Description : the main harpsichord chords from a sample i made using a stock instrument from morphine. enjoy!

comment ya'lls results! ;-)

Description : made in fl, there are no stems just chord progression w/ some effects

Description : A percussive groove played on a vintage 1970's clavinet keyboard.

Loops 1 - 25 of 173