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Loops 1 - 25 of 1974

Description : D-F-G Tube sound Syth/Electronic organ; 8bars 110bpm
Description : KEY: D-min TEMPO: 130bpm more subsampling experimentation
Description : KEY: D-min TEMPO: 130bpm chopped subsample in SliceX
Description : KEY: D-min TEMPO: 130bpm My fav chords
Description : KEY: D-min TEMPO: 130bpm Some pads that I chopped, then reversed, then chopped again, then reversed
Description : Deep Funk and Jazz Rhodes will make your tracks sizzle with awesomeness! Come funkin' back later for some more funky things from me Mr. Funk.
Description : Hope usable
Description : The bottom part separated.
Description : The top part separated.
Description : 90 bpm Dmin Pad Loop Dust Dark Times Equal Stories Try it
Description : Made in android 5.1 with G Stomper Studio. Custom made loop.
Description : Was messing around with serum when I created this arp. Pretty basic but still could be useful to some people.
Description : D Min, 110 BPM
Description : 95 bpm Dmin Choir Loop Flowers. Mix n Match as needed. Rough loop for character.
Description : 100 bpm Dmin Percussion Bell - Shhbella. Drifting tones, explore your reality. Have fun!
Description : 110 bpm Dmin Sub Bass - Subtraktor Synth. Add some reverb and do your thang. Simple steps but heavy footing. Happy mixing, Peace.
Description : 80 bpm Dm Percussion Mysterious Bell Tone Remember Love. Reup.
Description : 140 bpm Dm Brass Loop Old Tapes. The Eq effect makes the brass instrument sound close to those old string machines. Cool. Reup.
Description : 120 bpm Dm Padded Loop - Sprinkle Pad. Reup.
Description : 100 bpm Dm Organ Church Org
Description : 90 bpm Dm Organ Loop S.O.T.C. soulful rnb idea. reup.
Description : 140 bpm Dmin Strings Loop Crystal Pizzicato Orchestra DesignedImpression FL Studio. Interesting to hear how good you can create with this silly gem.
Description : 110 bpm Dmin Synth Loop OG Kush Rap Hip-Hop Trap Ect. Wc Ec Nc Sc. Represent your town.
Description : 120 bpm Dmin Flute Woodwinds Orchestral DesignedImpression FL Studio Story Mode.
Description : I made this in Draculas castle, true story. Comment if you want the MIDI file.
Loops 1 - 25 of 1974
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