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Description : dub skanks
Description : crcle fiths 01
Description : Loving RnB loop. Multi use have fun! Note: 3/4 timing
Description : Surroundings, colorful paint, living dreams. Created with kontakt.
Description : Silly mofos, lets play. Created with fl studio plugin sytrus. Dm.
Description : mskingmeloop
Description : D, Bell loop "La Bella" doing her dance of illusion for you. Trapped inside a glass frame. Used Dx7 to create this with my midi keyboard. What you think? Works nice for some Ambient Cinematic fusion.
Description : beato1 with hh 110bpm
Description : similar to the sounds of Jamie XX
Description : Using the War Tuba instrument. Good for polka, marching, drunkard tales, and does fit to some anime too.
Description : Not really sure what main genre this would fit to, I know for sure its useful for angered flows and metal screaming.
Description : Works well for RnB or Hip-Hop slow jams or reflective thoughts as one travels through this life. Appreciating the time with you Ms Hohner. Reup, had an issue with the file.
Description : A good day a strange night, met up with Belle, shes something else, its exciting. We walking through the city watching evil play do wha ditty.
Description : Cool sounding synth with something real about it. Blind souls, there's hope for the spirit after all.
Description : Old school piano type sound. Darkened moment of thought.
Description : bass beat 100bpm
Description : tabla bongo pad 02 135bpm
Description : Cinematic Acoustic Guitar Loop created in FL Studio. Deja Vu type effect. Deep meditation, between the lines, the point, puzzle.
Description : jehova bass 100bpm
Description : simple beat
Description : From a song that never came to fruition. Enjoy!
Description : Synthesised in FM8
Description : Using Operator Ableton
Description : Using Serum in Ableton Live
Description : controller
Loops 1 - 25 of 1666
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