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Description : *metal slug voice* rocket lowncha

Description : Made in serum with my own made sound, chopped and reverb/chorus. Added some swoops and little badadada's.

Description : Please upload your creations in the comments.

Description : Please comment with what you make with this loop :)
Just some boom bap drums with a vocal sample and some distortion and compression on them using Ableton's glue compressor

Description : 95 bpm drums with kick, snare, bass and rim

Description : Description : I used some old Samples and Chopped it to this crazy loop
if u want the stems just find me on my socials (click on my profile picture

Description : Some chopped drums, added a little bit of processing. Lemme hear what you make with this loop.

Description : Brainium Cranium

Description : Terror Reid Bass

Description : Full drums with RC-20

Description : Just a Terror Reid Kick and Snare pattern
with some rc-20

Description : Just a Terror Reid Kick pattern

Description : I used "Bass - Destructoid" of the VK-1 Synthesizer to create a bassline that I thought would fit well in 90s games and beats. I personally used a boom-bap drum pattern in my project folder. Kindly share w me what you make with this loop.

Description : Something fresh that i couldnt manage to develope. Show me your skills!

Description : A nice guitar loop made with fl. Show me what you have done with it.

Description : back from the undergreound, back for more! hope you like these aswell.
90 BPM, any key since drums,
enjoy :D

Description : idkaaaa

Description : lemme hear what you made with this loop

Description : horns hiphop rap boom bap
Share your music. Just leave a link.

Description : Rhodes for days. Check out my profile for more info on me.

Description : It is a acoustic guitar loop made with fl studio! Show me in the comments what you have done so far!

Description : Comment below what you made out of this loop!
If you want to collab or custom loops check socials on my profile page. (Click on my profile picture).

Description : FabFilter Pro Q3, Transient Processor, RC-20, Gross Beat.
Send your beats with my loop in the comments.

Description : Took two pads and put em together
I also had some vocal samples from logic pro's inventory but wasn't sure about copyright.

Description : I flipped New Soul and pitched it down a ton

Loops 1 - 25 of 354
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