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Description : Joji, maybe xxxtentacion?
Really chill piano loop with tape warp and vinyl effect.
Great for any LoFi or sad piano creations.
Send me what you make in the comments!

Description : textured vinyl piano + guitar loop
lo-fi & gloomy
*separated layers in the second part of the loop*

Description : Vinyl Halftime Keys made with Omnisphere 2 and Logic Pro X
Message me for special Loops and comment if you used it
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Description : i ran this through izotope vinyl to make it sound dirty, literally

Description : This sample is inspired by my heroes, the Cubeatz brothers, who are somehow able to put this crazy vinyl like spin on each their samples. This was my attempt, with kontakt bells.

Description : Some vinyl I sampled from an old interview, (not mine!)
Just felt that this place needed some more ambiance and texture samples. Enjoy!

Description : Please comment below what u made with this sample
Cubeatz x !llmind or Illmind type sample
Lo-fi tape or vinyl fx piano

Description : Dusty vinyl piano sample

Description : Dusty vinyl Rhodes piano sample

Description : Dusty vinyl lofi guitar sound.

Description : Check my profile to contact for custom loops/packs
emotional, vinyl, dramatic, guitar

Description : Haven't uploaded in a while so made this piano loop which i like a lot.
Used keyscape and izotope vinyl to bring it to life.
Show me what you made I'm interested to hear.

Description : Old school Hip-Hop drum loop. Dusty vinyl lofi sound.

Description : Made with Addictive Keys.
Pitched down and added piano flanger from Satin.
Please share!
Feel free to contact me.

Description : First part with Halftime, second without.
Show me what u have done
Synth: HIVE (AZ Peaceful [preset])
Effects: EQ, Compressor, Halftime, Vinyl, RC20

Description : makes me feel something
bass notes are D, B, A, G
emotional, nostalgic, vinyl, sample

Description : with and without Vinyl

Description : laid back hip hop drums with vinyl crackle and unique sounds

Description : laid back hip hop drums with vinyl crackle and unique sounds

Description : laid back hip hop groove with vinyl crackle and unique sounds

Description : laid back hip hop groove with vinyl crackle and unique sounds

Description : IK Multimedia B-3X with some slight iZotope Vinyl on it to give it a more vintage feel. Sounds like something Kanye West would to a gospel song to.
Other parts uploaded after this.

Description : I had some fun with a drum kit and some gritty effects
Hard Lofi Boom Bap Hip Hop Old School Drums Beat
Leave a link in the comments of you use this loop would like to hear what you do out of it
Old School Hard X Lofi Hip Hop Drums Beat Trip Hop Trap MPC sampled muffled Vinyl Slow Dusty Funk Funk Snare Kick hi hat Banging Smooth Gritty

Description : click my profile picture to link up. i stream loop creation on twitch.
[tags] dark, travis scott, rc-20, gross beat, izotope vinyl, mechanical noise

Description : Made it using a flute from SampleTank 4 - then stretched, pitched, copped & fx
Sounds of Migos, Mike Dean, Metro Boomin, Drake, Travis Scott

Loops 1 - 25 of 438
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