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Description : A synth and some organ (and a sub)

Description : Main Synth in B minor. See Synth Bass and Organ layers. Drake type. Delay

Description : Synth Bass in B minor. See Organ and Main Synth layers. Drake type

Description : Organ in B minor. See Synth Bass and Main Synth layers. Drake type

Description : organ loop

Share your music with me. Just leave a link.

Find me on Instagram. (Click on my profile picture)


Description : Realized with Fl Studio, Kontakt and Roland PC 200 MK2. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;)

Description : Phased R and B Organ in F major. Playboi Carti type

Description : Phased R and B Organ in A sharp minor.

Description : Key: C

Scale: Minor Harmonic

BPM: 95

Description : Made in FL 20 with ElectraX

Make sure to comment a link if used

Description : Massive Soft Organ by 310

dark vibes

enjoy/leave the link!

Description : Church sounding organ. Using the Big StringSynth Thor from Reason 10. 4 root notes at 115BPM. Root Key major, notes are: Dm Em Am G

Description : send me your beats

Description : BPM=135

Basic Piano Organ Melody for Tyler The Creator//Chance The Rapper

Description : Rell Ruger Platinum producer special loop created by djrellruger. From the 80S inspired Pack Click my profile pic to contact me to get my exclusive SAMPLE PACKS dropping soon , custom platinum loops. Been on the road so all new Packs will be dropping 1-18-20

Description : Organ. Made with reMIDI Sampler.

Description : If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it.

Description : Send me what yall make with it!

Description : Bluesy organ loop that can be used as a base building block in most genres if youre good enough lmao

also let me know what type of loops you guys want because im just testing the waters with this one

Description : Made with Blue3 from GG Audio. Used built-in reverb and tube distortion. Chords are Fmin7, Gmin7, Abmaj7, n Gmin7, but the last chord is a B+maj7.

Pretty good for RnB, gospel, old school soul, or neosoul.

Description : made this omnisphere patch. if you like it i share it. when playing chords it sounds more like church style.

Description : Hope usable

Description : This is just an uncut version of my most recent upload. I'd love to see what you do with it:D.

Description : A 1960's-style cha-cha groove played on the Hammond organ.

Harmonies: D---Bm---G---A7


Description : Hi! Here's another one I just made. I used fruity slicer to cut the loop up, but I still have the original if you want that version instead. The chords are:
But i had some trouble with the pitch of the synth so it might be off.

Loops 1 - 25 of 764
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