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Description : DirectWave,Pro-q3,Pro-R
Please leave a link to your beats

Description : Disco bass 130 BPM E

Description : Melody was made in 3/4

Description : planet caravan type III
guitar bass

Description : -Get my new loopkit in my profile-
Thx for the support!
Contact me on IG for collabs/loops.
Show me what you made.
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Description : See my profile info to get my TRUMPET and SAXOPHONE sample packs! Or .midi files, or anything else.
Performed on Dingwall NG-3 bass guitar.

Description : Fruity loops.... Please share your beats

Description : Electric bass

Description : Enjoy!

Description : No idea, just bass

Description : Every bassist likes slapping but is ashamed of it.

Description : I'm not really sure why you need to select a DAW used. I actually record my stuff on portable 8-track and only cut it to size in DAW later. Anyways, this is played on Fender Jazz bass with fingers.

Description : Picking the low B string is the best feeling ever. It rumbles with all your guts and makes you feel fatter than you actually are. This loop may work against some straight hip hop drum loop.

Description : This funky bass line will work against the infamous Funky Drummer loop or something similar. For more than a loop check out my bass playing services at AirGigs.com - my profile is named "engels"

Description : Might work with slow funk or jungle drum loop
Played on bass guitar with the F word on the headstock.

Description : Bass loop played on Fender Jazz bass.

Description : Hard and low groove, may work against some straight 4\4 drum loop. I felt a little resemblance to the infamous "So what you want" by Beastie Boys. Played on 1995 '62RI Fender Jazz bass that hangs on my profile picture.

Description : This is the low growl of the Jazz Bass, something that may work with slow trap or funk grooves.

Description : enjoy
check my profile for the other parts of this loop

Description : Lil Durk, Yungeen Ace, Lil Poppa, FCG Heem, Lil Tjay
Ig in profile for more

Description : Can be used in styles such as wondagurl, don toliver, Tyfontaine, SoFaygo, and Drake

Description : Show me what you have done

Description : Thanks a lot for all the kind comments and support.
If you want to reach me, please comment or DM (Click on profile picture)
Please leave a link to your beats!!
Tags: Hit Boy, DaBaby, Metro Boomin, Wheezy, Zaytoven

Description : Post whatever you make, no need to credit

Description : bryson tiller x drake bass guitar

Loops 1 - 25 of 916
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