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Description : Basic riff. Not alot of processing as the A and B parts were from my library. Just a bit of eq, distortion and eq in the chain. It sounds pretty techy with the right sidechain envelopes and drums :)

Description : Goes along with my previous "Guitar Riff"

Description : jush drun an bai druns

Description : I did the "slides" a little too much for the 808. This can break. So sorry. I think you will like the hats. Good listening. If you use this, would you send me the music? I will give my e-mail address. Good listening. Good luck!

Description : I wrote everything on piano roll. I hope you like it. Good luck!

Description : There is nothing to explain much. Good luck!

Description : Except for the 808s, I wrote all the sounds one by one into the playlist. I did this so that they could be heard.

Description : Fast Drum and Bass Groove.

Description : Look For Me D&B Drumloop

Description : Look For Me - Pad
From a drum & bass track.

Description : sorry for not uploading been going thru some stuff
my take on dnb drums so its prolly shit

Description : New Loop!

Description : New Loop!

Description : New Loop!

Description : Riser loop accompanying the drop for the second part

Description : Drum Loop for the bass and the lead loop uploaded before under the same title

Description : bass loops for the lead loop uploaded before under the same title

Description : Hey guys back with a set of drop loops I made during this quarantine.

Description : Drum and Bass Synth for your DnB productions

Description : Relaxing and cool pad for your DnB productions. Enjoy!

Description : drum and bass dance trance pop house
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Description : Run in the jungle drum n bass loop

Description : I got tired of not finding the right snare or kick for my music, so i just downloaded all the packs i could and then shorten the snare and got a hip hop drum mixed in. Sounds good to me.

Description : Preset from FLEX, a new VST in FL Studio.
Add some reverb and delay and you'll have a good sound.

Description : D&B stryle live drums
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Loops 1 - 25 of 2829
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