Help With Searches

Quick searches

In the quick search dropdown for loops, tracks or acapellas you can quickly find files uploaded in the last 24 hours or this week or even see just those files that you have set as a favourite or previously downloaded.

These quick searches show files based on the date they were added with the newest ones showing up first.

You can use these quick searches as a starting point for more in depth searches by then using the Advanced Search menu.

Using the advanced search options

The advanced search allows you to drill down to just what you are looking for. The first thing to say here is that you should always use the options to choose Genre or Category first. These are the quickest and should provide good results. Obviously if you are working in a certain key or bpm these would be the next options to choose

The keyword search offers a few powerful options. WHen using keywords avoid using terms like drum or guitar as these are categories. The same goes for terms such as trap or hip hop as these are genres and should be selected from the corresponding drop menus. Also avoid using terms like loop or acapella or vocal. These obvious terms are seen as stopwords and we just strip them from the search anyway.

Important : When you do a keyword search you should be aware that the results are no longer given with the newest uploads first. Instead we calculate how Relevant the file is to your search. We give it a Search Rating and show you the most relevant first. Where multiple files have the same relevance, we then order those by the date they were uploaded.

When you do add terms to the keyword search you should prepend your terms with either a plus or minus symbol to either include or exclude items from the results.

Here are some example keyword search terms and what you might expect to happen ..

  • +abba
    This would find files that use the term abba.

  • -rubbish
    This would exclude any files that use the term rubbish.

  • +abba-motorhead
    This would find files that use the term abba but exclude files that use the term motorhead.

  • +abba+disco
    This keyword search would find files that use the term abba AND disco. It would not though gives results where only one of those terms is used.

  • +abba+loop+acapella
    This would find files that include the term abba but as loop & acapella are classed as stopwords we automatically remove them from the mix so they may as well have not been used.

Only use single words in your searches.

If your term has more than a single word then join the two with a + symbol. For example ...

  • +travis scott : Wrong !!
  • +travis+scott : Correct

Titles & describing your uploads

After reading the above you'll see why it's important to give your uploaded a relevant title and description.

How do i find a file that I previously downloaded

The files you can download here on looperman have a common naming structure that makes it easier for you to find out who made it and where to get hold of it again in future.

For example ...


The first bit (looperman) just tells you which site you got it from..

The next bit (000003) tells you who made it ..

The next number (138512) represents the identity of the loop itself and allows you to find its page

The last bit is whatever the person uploaded it named it at that time.

The same rules apply to acapellas and tracks too. Simple.

Some users uploads are missing or showing as archived. What does this mean.

Occasionally, when we update our website, the terms, our policies or when a user is inactive for a long time we may set the user and their uploaded content as Ďarchivedí until the owner of that content logs back into their account.

For more information on archived content please see the dedicated archived content faq