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Description : Cool edm drop melody

Description : one main serum layer with one higher sylenth, Dry, Eq, Camel crusher, OTT, stereo imaging, some distortion on the highs and high mids, sidechained reverb.

Description : Good for EDM, Dance or any kind of other electronic music productions.

Description : comment what you do would appreciate feedback

Description : Get 15-20 loops like this (wav+midi), contact me!

Loop is based off of DJ Snake...
Genre: Afrobeat/Dancehall/Reggaeton/EDM/Pop/House/Afro Trap/Trap

For custom loops, contact me via mail or instagram.
For info & contact click on my profile picture.

Description : Made with serum something new !!!

Description : DEAR LOOPMAN this my and my cousin voice! Plz don't strike me!

Description : Just thinking this could be a part of an EDM song. Maybe modifying it a bit adding delay or some reverb. Enjoy :D


Made this EDM type loop with a keyscape patch topped with RC-20 and some EQ.

Description : Happy / party / summer / kawaii melody loop

If you want this loop in another sound or tempo check out my profile or message me if it isn't there.
If you make something with this please send me an email or leave a link! ;D

Can't wait to hear it!!

Do you want a MIDI file of this? Message me on Instagram.

Description : Used Nexus 2
My first try at edm, let me know if you use it

Description : Thanks for using the loop!

Yes its free to use!

Send me a link if you use it on your song!

Description : Good for edm/pop or slow it down, add some efx and make lofi. Send me your stuff! Cheers.

Description : Dear EDM/Techno/House producers,

Want to headline Techno music festivals? Use this loop.
Want to make Techno bangers like Tiesto? Use this loop
Want to make a techno song? Use this loop.

links down below comrades

Description : Merry Christmas!

I hope you have good day!

Comment if you use this loop in your song

Description : This is a happy guitar melody that you can use for edm or trap is you change the sample, please let me know what you've made with this. Because i'm really curious.

Description : Vox bed time vox bed time

Description : Aaaand here's the bass I was referring to in my EDM Chord Loop's description.

Description : Sounds way better when layered with a bass.

Description : Tfw you can't vocal slice so you just use the same sample over and over and over and over an-

Description : More unreleased track stuff.

Description : for edm/trap or some shit, sounds kinda like some westcoast lead idk

Description : Works well with any hip-hop, trap, EDM

I appreciate when you send me your work or give me feedback!!!

Description : Mainly For Hard genres like Bigroom, Hardhouse, Prog Psy, ECT

Description : Very basic

Loops 1 - 25 of 999
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