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Description : made a track from this, Show me!
Key: D# Minor (only for siren and chants)
Chants and background siren are added as well :)

Description : Ambient space melody with siren .

Description : Send me watchu did

Description : Trippy Psychedelic Female Vocal Sample Loop by:
[ Purple Six Beats ]
Drop the links below, would love to check out Your flip on My loop and throw some thumbs up.

Description : tuned "D"

Description : this is how it sounds like when I jump around on a police car. synthesis. does not loop.

Description : Enjoy The Loop!

Description : I took sound of siren, pitched it up and cut.
I use it as drop in my beats, so i hope it will be usable for you guys :)

Show me how you used it :)

Don't forget to pitch it to the right tone!

Description : A siren loop made in electraX, can be used in trap beats.
If you choose to use this melody, I would like to hear it! You can put a link in the comments :)

Description : Some hard xxxtentacion / scarlxrd drums.
The effects are the "Kill Bill Siren" pitched up and down and some snare fills. if you want it with no effects check my other loops out

Description : Post link with that loop in comments, I will listen to your tracks with this loop.

Description : show me what you make.

Description : Funk brazil drum siren edited!

Description : here is a simple melody, share your link in comment if it inspires you

Description : Riddim Style Siren Wubs

VSTs used...
Gross Beats
FL WaveShaper

Description : Fx Siren Rap!

Description : used a lotta compression on this one to make it sound cool. show me whatchu make!!

Description : Falling Siren FX 1. Layers well with Wavy Synth Plucks Section 1 2 and 3

Description : Nice pad that has a siren feel.


Description : 808 LOOP HEAVY! SEND ME WHAT YOU MAKE! :)

Description : siren synth
designed for the trap drums

Description : siren synth
designed for the trap drums

Description : siren synth
designed for the bubbling drum beat

Description : siren synth
designed for the bubbling drum beat

Loops 1 - 25 of 92
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