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Description : Simple Loop with some white noise risers.

Description : i played stock synth in keyscape right when you open it up, played some keys and added some lofi plugin with some static and white noise in the background

Description : sexy white noise downlifter with lfo, delay and eq ;)

Description : [INFO] Click my profile photo for contact/IG and to check out my other vibes - got lots of cool themes and atmospheres.
[NOT LAYERED] - this is one bell patch on my hardware synth done with filtered white noise, delays, and offset arp function.

Description : Dark bell with a small bit of white noise creepy type beat

Description : One of the sounds was made using automation clips on the volume of a random white noise track that was time stretched

Description : Made with 3Xosc in FL studio

Description : Just some regular hold white noise impact. Nothing special. Recommeneded for Dubstep.

Description : White noise-esque rain. Sorry about the awkward tempo...

Description : A short snare build up. The snare is comprised of red, pink and white noise EQ'd, saturated and compressed. I added some ping pong delay, automated the pitching, threw on a high pass and automated the freq, put some automated reverb in there and included a side chained noise riser.

Description : Blue and white noise mixed with an AHD envelope on the amplitude - A clock divider sent select gate signals that were split into two adjustable bernoulli gates then subsequently mixed and sent to the gate of the AHD envelope. The final output was sent through a steiner-parker high pass filter and Alright Devices "Chronoblob2" (a delay module) while it was synced with the clock.

Send me your work or leave a comment if you use it, I love hearing other people's material.

Description : Sine impact and pich-bent white noise.

Description : Non-piercing white noise riser w/ pitch bend.

Description : Drop your tracks below for feedback

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Description : enjoy

Description : Experimenting with some new stuff. White noise is one of them.

Description : Crowd White Noise with few fx

Description : Set this sample's mode to looping in your DAW to play it as an instrument
Fun fact: Made by running a cosmic background radiation (basically white noise) sample through FL Studio's vocoder plugin

Description : you know that white noise type background sound? it really keeps the song going. works almost with any genre.

Description : Starting a new series of loops called my Dope series. The BPM will range from 140-174.
Free to use, kick-cymbal-snare drum sequence which white noise effects.

Description : I used a sample of me playing one note on my old flute,used a synthesizer to resynth that stuff,added white noise,equalised it,panned the original sample right, put on Effector with Vox settings,automated X & Y Modulation,panned the Voxed sample th the left and Voila!A cool phasing Flute with a little arping effect going on at the low mids

Description : Simple techno hihats created with korg monologue white noise VCO and AD.

Description : Bruh....

Description : A Loop nice to use for a drop in a Future House Track. Some white noise is added over the notes to make the sound stronger. It is already sidechained Made with FL Studio 12

Description : I've been making some impact effects to use, with lots of different types and uses. Over the next five days, I will release 1 impact a day! :D Enjoy them. (3/5 - Wooden Bass with a diving white noise effect)

Loops 1 - 25 of 77