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Description : Just a random drum loop I made just cause

Description : Reverse loop with lots of reverb for hyperpop stuff
key is e minor or g major (both works since its the same notes)

sounds like artists such as funeral, kuru, ericdoa, old dltzk, popstarbills, playboi carti, twikipedia, digicore artists, glitchcore artists, blackwinterwells, grandee, bladee, whitearmor

I'll start uploading more here :D

Description : just weird talking bass

Description : can be used in house music and lounge stuff

Description : so this is happy hardcore or sth. idk
I will be proud if you use it

Description : Chords

Description : Thanks to all my lovely producers who are using my loops from last 5 years.For more update you can click on my pic & reach to you all.

Description : FL Studio 20
FLEX Plugin Predatorium Preset

Description : IDM to EDM

Description : Description : Description : Made with Omnisphere, kickstart Nicky Romero, Portal
Leave a link of what you made.
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Description : FL Studio 20
Harmless Plugin BlueMonday Saws SF Preset

Description : FL Studio 20
FLEX Plugin Choir Aahs Preset

Description : Give me an insperation

Description : Give me an insperation

Description : New Day = New Loop.

Description : a simple bass loop made by using 3sc osc and sylenth1 layers

Description : a side-chained heavily processed guitar sample
bpm - 126
flip it and share what you have made with it.

Description : Serum

Description : Serum

Description : Omnisphere

Description : Tale Lead Sylenth1 VST

Description : Was making a chord progression with a melody on top with a poly piano, accidentally switched it to a bass sound and this came out and thought it was cool. Made with serum.

Description : Made with soul for soul. Use it as you want, if you've used it, show me!
write, contact me (click on the picture)
rap pop jazz hip hop atmosphere slave33 like star
Thanks! With love from Siberia

Description : FL Studio 20 Demo
Flex Plugin Chariot Horn Preset

Description : Bass without pan and fx

Loops 1 - 25 of 829
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