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Description : Phat bass with an added Soundgoodizer

Description : DM ME IF YOU USE THIS

half time sounds good on this

Description : Serum VST

Description : Serum Vst Sub Bass

Description : If you made a beat using this loop, please leave the link in the comment or hit me on IG
Greetings from Poland!

Description : Made this a very long time ago for an EDM project, but eventually, I decided not to keep the song. It's a good song, but too repetitive. Anyway, here's the sub-bass of the verses. Contact me if you wanna collab on any song!
Chord progression:
Eb - Bb - Cm - Ab in key Eb Major

Description : kick, sub bass, clap and fx

Description : Some bass line that can be used as a melody or a sub bass line

Description : layered spinz 808 with a sub bass from heazy one shot kit

Description : sub bass

Description : SUB Bass Loops.

Description : A dark moog bass in the key of E minor.
Notes are E - F# - E - G.
Comment what you made with it below!
Turn the volume down if it is too loud or distorted in your track; it is supposed to be a sub bass synth.

Description : Use heavy and beautiful pads with haunting vocals. And a nice smooth sub bass with these drums.

Description : I used this sub-bass for a build-up (in the pre-chorus) and it's so good with that piano piece that I uploaded recently.

Description : A gnarly, rhythmic sub bass created in Serum. Best if used in a darker themed project. Originally made as a breakdown loop for my "Bot" series. Goes with "Spy bot2" lead and "Sentry March 2" Drum loops.

Description : Fairly simple drum loop for industrial, or a darker themed project. Distorted Kicks with snare and other elements that sound very factory-like. Made to go with my Sentry Bot sub bass, or my Spy Bot lead synth.

Description : A dark and acidic, sequenced synth sub bass line created in Serum. Best used for industrial, or any project with a dark or menacing theme. Goes with my Spy Bot Synth Lead, and Sentry March Drums

Description : Drum loop without hi-hats or sub bass.

Description : Used serum to make this. Enjoy! Great for your dubstep needs! Includes sub bass.

Description : drill melody 145 bpm comment your email if you want the sub bass

Description : Sub-bass loop which was made with the Toxic Biohazard plugin.
First four bars: G#4, D#4, G#4, B4, F#4
Last four bars: G#4, D#4, F#4 G#4, B4, F#4.
Let me know in the comments if you used this loop in your tracks.

Description : green and dangerous
w/ sub-bass

Description : green and dangerous
w/out sub-bass

Description : Pad With sub bass
dm on ig for more samples

Description : Add some nice pads and haunting vocals and a nice smooth sub bass...and there you have your Future Garage track.

Loops 1 - 25 of 343