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Description : PREEEEEW

Description : hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yesj this sounds sidechained but it isn't.

Description : //HARSH FREQUENCIES!//
not really a bass since those frequencies are mostly cut, but shh

Description : Good for putting under basses or over a sub

Description : Clashes aaalmost in tempo but not quite...

Description : Distorted brass-ish patch with a long sustain patch.

Description : Brassy dubstep bass and a fill thingy at the end

Description : Good for Kompany style song, as seen by the title. Used this for my remix for Crash & Burn by PhaseOne, but dw, it sounds different! :D

Description : I am not even kidding rn. Use it if you're going for that Kompany-ish Style. I'm not exaggerating like as if it was really the "best" riddim drums loop, but I just like it so much that I think you guys should use it at least once.

Description : MUA oh god.

Description : just drum and some bass

Description : Fits with the drums I made "New Drums Style". Sidechain it so it can fit properly :D

Description : The new way I do my drums (for now). There's gonna be a bass that can fit with these drums.

Description : Hey!
The drop loop is on my profile. Hope you like this and the drop :)

Description : Hey!
The drum loop is on my profile. Hope you like this and the drums :)

Description : This drop I made is heavy as fuck, as shown in the title XD
Hope you like it :)
Please link your uses!

Description : Hey!
I made these really heavy riddim drums for you all!
There is a kick, snare, clap, two closed hi-hats, an open hi-hat, a ride and a perc hit.
Hope you like it :)
Please link your uses!
(this doesn't really go well with my drop loop i posted today fyi)

Description : A really heavy snare I made in FL Studio 12.
Hope you like it :)

Description : this is for le bass lol

Description : i love vocodex lol

Description : idk just use it lol

Description : idk (if you want you can edit this loop and upload it with my name on it (Angeloo).

Description : idk just made this on phaseplant in school lol

Description : these loop names are getting progressively worse, I always put everything on D so it should be D

Loops 1 - 25 of 7132
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