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Description : Have fun, show me what u made of! =)

Description : Has a darker dream/nightmare vibe.

Description : Reach me on IG, CLICK ON PICTURE.
IG Link in my Bio.
Shout out appreciated! Thanks in advance.
Greetings and love

Description : Melody

Description : Happy Piano
Works for Artists like lil yachty

Description : To love thine heart that loveth me - Medieval Lute - Part 1

Description : nothing special just create this from head

Description : Clavichord

Description : This is a strign chord progression created with Aria Play by Garritan. I added a tremolator (default) from SoundToys for the full effect. Please leave a comment below with your creation. Thanks :)

Description : Clavichord

Description : Clavichord

Description : Note: In 6/8 time. Stately progression on the Fender-Rhodes.

Description : Please comment if you liked it or if you did something nice with it

and Cheers!

Description : vocoder, lfo, mods, delay

Description : SynthMaster One, delay, chorus, vocoder

Description : contact for collabs

Description : spitfire piano, reverb

Description : Its been a while...
Really good piano loop for chopping up in a sampler
D Melodic Minor

Description : vocoder, reverb, lfo, modulators.

Description : dry fx

Description : reverb

Description : dry fx

Description : dub echo

Description : reverb

Description : reverb, echo.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1866
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