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Description : Darker Piano Melody. Please link me to what you have made using this loop.

Description : String Melody Made in Sakura. Please link me to what you have made using this loop.

Description : Be careful with some people, today they will hug you and tomorrow they will push you away.

Description : Shakespeare type sh!t

Description : A throw back to the 50s enjoy and please share what you make.

Description : And then one day you don't care and it feels good

Description : victim society

Description : Toxic Family

Description : You will know that you can put yourself in the shoes of a person with autism the day you realise that they cannot put themselves in your shoes.

Description : Simplicity does not need to be simple, but complex tightened and synthesized.

Description : Pretty strings in c sharp major. Send me a link if you use!

Description : We talk about the malaise of the suburbs, but isn't the malaise the suburbs ?

Description : Show me what you made with this sample. Need more samples like this?
CLICK my profile picture for details.

Description : Enjoy :)

Description : Hate, the winter of the heart.

Description : I dont know what this is or why i made it
plis link if u use this loop love too hear what u make with it

Description : Who seeks the infinite, need only close his eyes.

Description : There is nothing worse than the girl who lets herself be led by her environment, who does whatever her friends advise her to do.

Description : I live very often at night, because I was told that I would die one day.

Description : Contact on Instagram (name on Profile) for collabs
Melody by Steve Lehmann - Homestead

Description : I can't wait to get out of Paris and live in the country.

Description : The woman who seduces with her body is evil, but she who seduces with her spirit is deadly.

Description : Melody two days to kill

Description : The courage to choose well after reflection

Description : Sometimes you go away to think, sometimes you go away because you have thought.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1737
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