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Description : some clicky triplett psytrance bassses perhaps? because now you got em! already sidechained, will fit some sidechained vocals pretty nicely.
165 BPM, G minor
enjoy :S

Description : Made with Fl Studio, Kontakt and Roland PC MK II. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;)

Description : Piano with effects
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Description : Bells loop for Future type beats.
Leave your work in comments!
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Description : Add bass and kick, then ready for Stage:)

Description : A cool pad I made years ago that I found the other day. Comment your creations with this sample!

Description : Key chords - A E G D

Description : Key chords - A E G D

Description : Key chords - A E G D

Description : hope you like

Description : Its Key is either A Minor or A flat Minor i dont remember
Let me know if you used it

Description : Trancey-sounding arpeggio I made in G-Stomper Studio. Let me know if you think of a use for it!

Description : Ly guys click on my Picture to see more of my loops
Loop In 3/4ths
Made from a custom Piozone (fl stock) preset

Description : Trance-style synth riff.

Description : A slow trancey loop that conjures up images of being underground in a cave when I'm listening to it. Made using a single preset in DS Thorn named Trance Huge and then further manipulated via a glitch VST known as Tantra. With added saturation.
Played in the scale of G Major.

Description : That classic 90s trance rave music....

Description : That classic 90s trance rave music....

Description : Fast wavetable formant chatter.

Description : Male speech is turned into a rhythmic chatter.

Description : A fast buzzy altered sawtooth lead for Psytrance.

Description : A synth patch plays a bubbling, electric little riff.

Description : A female AH given a trippy Goa treatment.

Description : A synth plays a rhythmic figure.

Description : comment tracks.

Description : A sawtooth wave is given a randomized chatter effect.

Loops 1 - 25 of 2643
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