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Description : EDM drop for Deathstep, Dubstep, or Hybrid Trap, just add kick, drums, brass, etc.
Tell me what you did with it, I hope this helps you in some way.
Tags: skrillex, synth, hard, gun, growl

Description : Holy shit I love Ring Mod + OTT.

Description : This have a lot of processing behind XD

Description : Made in sytrus.
I've used this in my latest song, but feel free to use it as well :).

Description : This could be used in many ways.

Description : I made this sound in Serum. I wanted to make my own bass house growl wubs.
This sound is featured in my samplepack, "DYLO VOL. 2"

Description : Im made this growl using Serum. I put some phaser effects to get the shit more weird. Let me hear what you can do with it ;)

Description : The key is E. Good for starting a heavy drop.

Description : Gasoline

Description : Here's another one ;)

Description : Having fun with Fm8

Description : If you didn't like the other basses I made, sorry. I don't know how to make basses until I saw this tutorial I followed, and here's the result. Hope you like it better than the other basses I made. Made in Harmor. For my song btw.

Description : Nose imaginan cuando me demore para hacer esto...
Tags: Midtempo, Bass, Dubstep, Nuero, Hop, NeuroHop, Grime, Slug, NeuroTrap, Vocal, Vowel, Growl.

Description : epic growl from harmor

Description : epic growl from harmor

Description : epic growl from harmor

Description : okay, now I need sleep.

Description : Made with Sytrus

Description : GET BACK

Description : OOH YEAH

Description : ///HEADPHONE WARNING///
Started relearning the process of making growls in Serum. I might upload more one-shot collections soon.

Description : powerfull growl

Description : Made this really cool bass with a sub, automated it a ton and put some effects on it.

Video will come up in my YT to show how you can make this bass.

Description : Growl bass with some sidechain

Description : This was a scrap loop i made a couple days ago, see if you can do anything with it

Loops 1 - 25 of 278
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