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Description : Made with Sytrus

Description : GET BACK

Description : OOH YEAH

Description : ///HEADPHONE WARNING///
Started relearning the process of making growls in Serum. I might upload more one-shot collections soon.

Description : powerfull growl

Description : Made this really cool bass with a sub, automated it a ton and put some effects on it.

Video will come up in my YT to show how you can make this bass.

Description : Growl bass with some sidechain

Description : This was a scrap loop i made a couple days ago, see if you can do anything with it

Description : yes, drums..

Description : I take a time to make new growl presets.. do you like it?

Description : ... I changed my producer name from LithiumHazmat to Kraken btw

Description : testing...

Description : Hey, my name is AliveX, and i made this bass "Dubstep", if you liked and want use, tell-me, and send to me, what you made with him, please, thank you, i hope you enjoy.

Description : Growl Bass made in Fm8

Description : Apologies for how 'meh' this is

Description : I cannie do the dubstep.

Description : This has the crunch, man serum is so OP

This is in E#

Description : part 3

Description : part 2

Description : Its not exactly a bass, but not fx either... hmm...

Description : A Dark Growl Bass for Dubstep/Riddim

VSTs used...
Soft Clipper

Description : here is my all (not so) famous yoi growl stab noise that I made in serum awhile back and use a lot. I will most likely make more loops with this sound if people like it enough. if you happen to use this weird growl sound in a track please feel free to show it to me.

Description : Enjoy

Description : Im back from the depths

Description : Gratis.

Loops 1 - 25 of 263
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