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Description : One more sad and nostalgic piano loop which can be a great fit for Trap and Hip Hop .
Made in Cubase.
I would love to hear what beats you come up with it . Feel free to comment links.

Description : This is a mandolin, key is c major but their is one intentional Ab.
Wanted to make something eerie but melodic, hope usable. click my pic to see more of my loops and please drop a link if you use or hear this in a beat!
Drake, Eminem, Jay Z, Lil Peep

Description : Here's a drum loop I created using Cubase. I reckon could be used for hip hop and Trap but you can always be creative and use it the way you want.
Feel free to post comments with beats you made with it. I'd be happy to listen to.
Much Love...

Description : Emotive chords ready to plug in to any modern hip hop/trap or pop production
Feel free to post what you made

Description : juice wrld, lil uzi vert, i like this
Please comment)



Description : Marimba
rap loop
leave a link below of what u made

Description : please comment)

Description : #Realized with: Fl Studio 20
drop the link

Description : I hope you enjoy it

Description : using labs, sound realistic, lo-fi and Hip Hop

Description : Show me what u got
Leave a link, i will listen to all

Description : #hip-hop #gloomy choir

Description : #hip-hop #gloomy bass bells

Description : #hip-hop #gloomy musicbox bells

Description : #hip-hop #gloomy bells

Description : A dark, melancholy piano loop with a vinyl effect perfect for RnB or Dark Hip Hop projects. Could be lowered an octave and chopped for Boom Bap beats as well
Post the links to your projects so I can see what y'all made

Description : Cool melody. Suitable for both hip-hop and cinematic or lo-fi.
Leave a link to your work with my loops in the comments. I would be very happy to hear your projects!

Description : #Realized with: Fl Studio 20
drop the link

Description : simple 4 chord progression i played and recorded through my amp. could be used for lofi hip-hop or a mellow pop/rnb vibe.

Description : Typically Old School Boom Bap Hip Hop Drums 90 BPM
you know what to do! let me know when you use it
lastly a decent Loop... probably the last loop this year. (just good that this damn year is finally over)
And I think its time fore a new profile pic
Happy New Year To you all guys!
Old School Hard X Lofi Hip Hop Drums Beat Trip Hop Trap MPC sampled muffled Vinyl Slow Dusty Funk Funk Snare Kick hi hat Banging Smooth Gritty

Description : Random Hip Hop Percussion Drum Beat 95 BPM

Description : Lofi Hip Hop Vinyl Rhodes Organ Piano 80 BPM
style, ambient lofi lo fi lo-fi ambient flute chopped sample hip hop downtempo trip hop trap boom bap
lofi piano hip hop lo-fi muffled dusty vinyl lowpass abe masaryk Rhodes Jazz Jazzy Vintage

Description : send works

Loops 1 - 25 of 3581
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