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Description : A complex synth patch plays a fast arpeggiated riser.

Description : big money
Credit me or not whatever the f you wanna do.

Description : A 197 bpm drum riser, repeatedly using the crash section of the final bar of the original sample.
Genres: Hardcore(?), Jungle, Breakcore

Description : Notes are E and F, sliding notes ftw. key is f minor and bpm is 140.

Description : I like to use this riser to introduce the Hooks or/and the Parts of my Song.

Description : some futuristic synth stabs w/ echo riser made in sytrus
comment yo creations

Description : enjoy and leave a link with your song :-)

Description : A Cool Little snare riser From A pack i made

Description : Riser loop accompanying the drop for the second part


Description : For a good EDM Build Up

Description : G Em B

Description : I add a little riser just to get the shit more insane. Let me hear what you can do with it ;)

Description : Sounds like a car,

Description : Dark Riser Loop.

Description : FREE TO USE! Good for DnB music.

Description : trance dance electro acid house
synth melody arp build up buildup intro riser fill pluck minimal
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Description : beatsbyfrenchy

Description : This is the Tay Keith Signature riser reversed with a twist to it

Description : works with any bpm but just the simple lex luger riser

Description : Riser electro
mi fa# sol# la si do# r#

Description : Riser 002 eletro
r mi fa# sol la si do#

Description : Send me songs you make with this.

Description : lmk if used

Description : Aside from Virtual Riot's amazing risers, I made this one from a detuned lead and automated it's speed. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

Loops 1 - 25 of 160