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Description : a clap and a saw wave in fL studio, with pretty heavy reverb

Description : it's not crunk, but it is more suitable in this section (at least for me), that's why i didnt upload in hip hop section ... anyway , you can download every loop in this sample, separately here :

Description : Hey there loopers! Here's a new loop pack I made, and as always, It's my favourite one! (I get better every time) If you use it, please let me know!

NOTE: I put this in Dubstep because of its tempo (140 BPM) But I can imagine this in some sort of fast paced house...

Description : Made using various vst and efx such as delay, reverb, flanger and distorion. All have been eqed and compressed. Feel free to use any of my samples on your songs. Please leave a comment and give credit where credit is due. Thanks and enjoy!

Description : Hello Looperman Folks! It's been a very long time since I've uploaded anything useful here, and since the site got a new update, I thought I'd celebrate with a new loop pack! This is called "The Great Escape" Don't ask me why. I just call things the first things that come to my head. Enjoy!

Description : groove loops

Description : groove loops

Description : 140 BPM. The groove for the previous loops. Get the loops here!

Two Count Drums:

Crunchy Synth Bass Line:



Description : 140 BPM. Chill step. Get the loops here!

Wet Dreams Key:

Brutal Bass 1:

Brutal Bass: 2

Description : The full example for my second loop set.

Description : Hey there folks! I am excited to bring you my next loop pack!

You thought you liked FluX Before? ( Well now try it...


That's right folks, I've remixed my own loop pack For all you Hip-Hop/Trap lovers out there! And here's the best part: It's entirely compatible with the original pack! Enjoy, You trapaholics!

Description : if you can use this
show me how, cuz i'm stump'd

Description : Yes, Spring is in the air, folks. What better way to celebrate than a nice cheerful loop pack? Well here it is, Spring. A nice Loop pack that has the same style as Life Force. Sort of. Anyway, to get all of the loops in the pack, visit my profile! Enjoy!

Description : The full example of my first loop pack "Fuse"
128 bpm

Description : Tomorrow ready beats

Description : 140 BPM. This is how it all goes together. Get the loops here.

Strings 1:
Strings 2:
Bass Melody:

Description : Happy Monday, Looperman! Today I bring you another House loop pack! It has five different loops, Including this one. Be sure and download them all!

This is the full groove. You can get the individual instruments here:

Description : Become the King of Clubs with this loop pack, featuring Eight breathtaking loops created by the one and only Spade! The pack includes A beat, A bassline and its variation, Synth, Plucks and a variation, a sweep, and a full groove.

Here's the groove, which can be used roalty-free in any of your work. Visit my profile for the rest of the pack.

Description : Here are a new loop for you.
You can find the seperate instruments in my other loops.
Hope you like it!

If you use it pls show me the resluts!

Description : Here are a new loop for you.
You can find the seperate instruments in my other loops.
Hope you like it!

If you use it pls show me the resluts!

Description : Hello again Looperman! Today I bring you a loop pack inspired by (but not directly based off of) Flux Pavilion! I don't usually do Dubstep, so let me know what you think!

This is the Full groove! You can get the individual components here:
Sub Bass:
And the beat is one of my older ones, called Dubstep Parade. You can get it here:


Description : Yes, folks it's that time again. Time for another Loop pack! This one is called "Number Seven".

This is the Full Groove my friends! You can get the individual instruments here:


Description : Groove loops

Description : Groove loops - Manhattan

Loops 1 - 25 of 2278