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Description : A soul female quartet sings a background figure, at medium funk tempo.
Harmonies: Ab7-----Db7

Description : Gentle, laid-back medium-tempo funk played by a multi-percussion group, inspired by the 1973 recording, "Black Is Beautiful" by Roy Budd.

Description : Tried something else. If you happen to make anything with this, be sure to comment your creations!

Description : Hey guys,
I just wanted to share my DNB Drums.
It's up to you how you gonna use it.
I'm using it in the way Liquid Funk.
The BPM is 175
If you have any question, you can ask :)
Let me know your critics and how you gonna use it!

Description : download my afrobeat drumkits for more dope samples (link in bio)

Description : F# minor 7 / C# minor7 / walk down to B minor7 back to F# minor 7.
Gear Used: ESP Thinline acoustic electric.

Description : Typically Old School Boom Bap Hip Hop Drums 90 BPM
you know what to do! let me know when you use it
lastly a decent Loop... probably the last loop this year. (just good that this damn year is finally over)
And I think its time fore a new profile pic
Happy New Year To you all guys!
Old School Hard X Lofi Hip Hop Drums Beat Trip Hop Trap MPC sampled muffled Vinyl Slow Dusty Funk Funk Snare Kick hi hat Banging Smooth Gritty

Description : Slow funk 2 chord major 7 groove.
Gear used: Fender Stratocaster and a Dunlop Crybaby wah.
E major 7 - B major 7

Description : Slow funk 2 chord minor 7 groove.
Gear used: Fender Stratocaster and a Dunlop Crybaby wah.
F#m7 - C#m7

Description : Sounds good for Funk or a faster reggaeton beat like El Alfa style beats. Post anything you make with this I want to hear it!
****For custom loops or any questions, hit me up only through my IG in bio (click my profile picture).

Description : A cool synth-bass in a funk style but with loads of swing added. Made with the freeware synth VITAL.
Key: F Blues

Description : Funky little groove with loads of swing, played on an oldschool 808 drum machine.

Description : Bass with several FX...

Description : Made this in fl studio, way better with amps like guitar rig. Feel free to post your things in the comments !

Description : A medium-tempo funk bassline.

Description : A clavinet plays a riff in the 70's Funk style.

Description : Hey, here is a simple rhodes groove loop recorded on my Nord Electro 5D that could fit to any kind of funk jazz etc kind of stuff :)
If you liked it please leave a comment, you can even check the links to my youtube and soundcloud channel on my profile :)

Description : Sophisticated funk shuffle with a very broad triplet swing feel, inspired by the groove heard on the 1973 Motown record, "Keep On Truckin'" by Eddie Kendricks. Play dis one hella loud, ya'll, to really feel it.

Description : A cool 16th-note based funk bassline.
Harmonies: F#-----C#

Description : A bouncy rhythm played on a vintage clavinet.
Harmonies: Gmaj9------F13

Description : A horn section plays a little musical comment for your arrangement.
Implied Harmonies: Eb----F

Description : Another take on that 70's Funk bass.
Harmonies: Eb7----Bb7----F7

Description : A bass guitar, with some distortion, plays a thumping Funk groove in the 70's style.
Implied Harmonies: Eb7----Bb7-----F7

Description : A funky 16th-note rhythm riff played with lots of 1970s attitude.
Harmonies: D----Bm

Description : An electric guitar plays a slow, expressive riff with a 1970's Soul mood. (Feel for the underlying 16th-note Funk feeling.)
Harmonies: F#m7---Fm7----Em7-----Fm7

Loops 1 - 25 of 767
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