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Description : Funk guitar Michael Jackson, prince, earth wind and fire, The gap band, zapp

Description : A slowed down, Funk clav synth. Giving off an old school, classic West Coast Hiphop vibe. Warren G vibe.
2pac X Dr Dre X Snoop Dogg X Nate Dogg Melody

Description : Moody and simple EP (part from my funk hip hop track I decied to share)
made in fl studio
if I can remember its made with soniccouture ep73 deconstructed
show your work here

Description : Perfect for artists like Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Etc.
The scale used is A# minor
You can go around my profile to find
more loops and go to my channel.

Description : Toxic Biohazard - Lead - Cyborg

Description : FPC Drum Machine - HQ Funk Kit - Breakbeat2 30 Jam

Description : the bass in the second half is from Heazy new wave one shot kit I got it from reddit

Description : Every bassist likes slapping but is ashamed of it.

Description : Might work with slow funk or jungle drum loop
Played on bass guitar with the F word on the headstock.

Description : Bass loop played on Fender Jazz bass.

Description : This is the low growl of the Jazz Bass, something that may work with slow trap or funk grooves.

Description : Metal drums with a funk feel, nothing too cute

Description : Perfect for G-funk, West Coast type beats
The scale used is C# minor
You can go around my profile to find
more loops and go to my channel.

Description : . fUNK Rnb Vocal
. Need more samples like this? Click my profile
Show me what you made with it.
Drake, Tory Lanes, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, etc

Description : my afrotrap x base de funk drumkit coming soon

Description : this look and a mix of slow Brazilian funk with reggaeton

Description : Perfect for West Coast and G-Funk beats

Description : A short loop suggesting some harmony that starts in G and goes a bit around. Played on 1995 Fender Jazz bass.

Description : horn brass funk boom bap soul
Share your music. Just leave a link.

Description : more loops and infos in my bio

Description : Brazilian Inspired Drums with bass and percs
140 / 70

Description : batida do funk brazileiro

Description : this is a 120 bpm a minor with 80s funk vibe, if you make a beat post it and comment the link

Description : idk show me what u do in comment, if u want collab or smomething, hit my profile and write to my dm on instagram!!!

Description : Maybe you will like this one as well. It definitely has that lo-fi feel. Thanks to all for downloading my stuff.
Feel free to reach me on IG, click my profile pic to get that info.
I appreciate you letting me know when you upload something because it warms my heart and gets me through this funk I'm in.
cmin dmin emin ebmaj
cmin dmin emin fmaj

Loops 1 - 25 of 964
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