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Description : Hey, here is a simple rhodes groove loop recorded on my Nord Electro 5D that could fit to any kind of funk jazz etc kind of stuff :)
If you liked it please leave a comment, you can even check the links to my youtube and soundcloud channel on my profile :)

Description : Sophisticated funk shuffle with a very broad triplet swing feel, inspired by the groove heard on the 1973 Motown record, "Keep On Truckin'" by Eddie Kendricks.

Description : A cool 16th-note based funk bassline.
Harmonies: F#-----C#

Description : A bouncy rhythm played on a vintage clavinet.
Harmonies: Gmaj9------F13

Description : A horn section plays a little musical comment for your arrangement.
Implied Harmonies: Eb----F

Description : Another take on that 70's Funk bass.
Harmonies: Eb7----Bb7----F7

Description : A bass guitar, with some distortion, plays a thumping Funk groove in the 70's style.
Implied Harmonies: Eb7----Bb7-----F7

Description : A funky 16th-note rhythm riff played with lots of 1970s attitude.
Harmonies: D----Bm

Description : An electric guitar plays a slow, expressive riff with a 1970's Soul mood. (Feel for the underlying 16th-note Funk feeling.)
Harmonies: F#m7---Fm7----Em7-----Fm7

Description : Contact me via instagram only!!
leave a link in the comments with what you made!
Funk/Blues/Hip Hop piano:)

Description : Contact me via instagram only!!
leave a link in the comments with what you made!
vibey Funk/RnB melody played with Rhoades! not what i usually make but here you go:)

Description : One for my namesake! Kept under 0dB to avoid digital clipping with some modest compression. Analog distortion amp and rig used on this one.

Description : Inspired by 90s g funk vibe.

Description : Blues-Rock or Blues-Funk?

Description : I had some fun with a drum kit and some gritty effects
Hard Lofi Boom Bap Hip Hop Old School Drums Beat
Leave a link in the comments of you use this loop would like to hear what you do out of it
Old School Hard X Lofi Hip Hop Drums Beat Trip Hop Trap MPC sampled muffled Vinyl Slow Dusty Funk Funk Snare Kick hi hat Banging Smooth Gritty

Description : A bass guitar plucks out an oldschool Funk riff.
Harmony: C Blues

Description : A Fender-Rhodes piano, given some FX, plays some percussive, steady chords, with the implication of a slow funk.

Harmonies: F#m7add9-------B6

Description : If you want to contact me, click on my profile picture for details. I don’t reply on looperman, only on social medias. Link in my Bio.
Greetings from Belgium !

Description : Classic Funk Drums were dry, meaning the room was dry, with less plate, and spring. So I am going dry, add your own reverb to YOUR taste like gravy on mashed potatoes.

Description : Something to Funk (Jazz) with!

Description : Add a little grease to you music.

Description : Give Up The Funk! Gotta Have That Funk!

Description : Warning this one is played Shuffle !!
Let's connect on Instagram (click on my profil picture).
Live a link of your music, always happy to hear it. Thanx for sharing !

Description : Funk/House/Deep House
Key D B F#
123 Bpm

Description : A Fender-Rhodes piano plays some ponderous chords in an oldschool Soul style, with a slow funk ballad feel.
Harmonies: E--------Am/E

Loops 1 - 25 of 937
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