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Description : pretty simple drum loop ig

Description : boucle de percu

Description : Simple beatbox (not real), made with one shots. Can be used for old school, boom bap, lofi beats. (simple, old, texture, perc loop, hip hop, east coast, west coast) Click on my avatar to find other parts of this loop in my profile.

Description : rhythm loop

Description : Simple piano with reverb and delay.
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Description : drums for dancing

Description : This loop sounds a bit like dripping water that was imitaded in a beatboxing way.
(It is 100% digital created)

Description : A sample of a lion's roar is turned via granulation into a curious beatbox groove.

Description : From my cover medley 2 track on my trax page..

Description : From my cover medley 2 on my trax page. Kriss Kross Jump

Description : A quick vocal ad-lib quickly became an awesome rhythm sample sample for Soulce's song Space Jam. We used Sountoys Crystallizer to create the effect.

Description : Make with Omnisphere
Dm if you want to collab :)

Description : HIP-HOP! I Love The '80s. BOOM-BAP!

Description : Hey Looperman! Hope you guys are able to use this one better than I could!

Description : beatboxing loop
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Description : Dope hip hop beatbox, unprocessed besides some compression and noise reduction.

Description : Post Malone Type Drum Pattern

Description : 130 bpm

Description : got a white toyata corolla with green wheels, you know the scouts.

Description : Properly made drum loop
maybe someone will come in handy)

Description : Hard drum loop that I cooked up yesterday

If you use it consider leaving a link in the comments :)

Description : beat made with mouth noises

Description : beat using mouth sounds

Description : 4 bars
If you can make something with it, i'm curious to hear it, you can put a link here, thanks.

Description : This is a loop I made from a recording of my friend who can beatbox better than I can. I made a library of his sounds with his permission using my Rode K2 mic in 2006 ish, so it's old :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 69