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Description : drums for dancing

Description : This loop sounds a bit like dripping water that was imitaded in a beatboxing way.
(It is 100% digital created)

Description : A sample of a lion's roar is turned via granulation into a curious beatbox groove.

Description : From my cover medley 2 track on my trax page..

Description : From my cover medley 2 on my trax page. Kriss Kross Jump

Description : A quick vocal ad-lib quickly became an awesome rhythm sample sample for Souláce's song Space Jam. We used Sountoys Crystallizer to create the effect.

Description : Make with Omnisphere
Dm if you want to collab :)

Description : HIP-HOP! I Love The '80s. BOOM-BAP!

Description : Hey Looperman! Hope you guys are able to use this one better than I could!

Description : beatboxing loop
Share your music with me. Just leave a link.
Find me on Instagram. (Click on my profile picture)

Description : Dope hip hop beatbox, unprocessed besides some compression and noise reduction.

Description : Post Malone Type Drum Pattern

Description : 130 bpm

Description : got a white toyata corolla with green wheels, you know the scouts.

Description : Properly made drum loop
maybe someone will come in handy)

Description : Hard drum loop that I cooked up yesterday

If you use it consider leaving a link in the comments :)

Description : beat made with mouth noises

Description : beat using mouth sounds

Description : 4 bars
If you can make something with it, i'm curious to hear it, you can put a link here, thanks.

Description : This is a loop I made from a recording of my friend who can beatbox better than I can. I made a library of his sounds with his permission using my Rode K2 mic in 2006 ish, so it's old :)

Description : full song on soundcloud

Description : here is the full song on sound soundcloud

Description : Made in FL Studio 20. Post a link if you make something out of it, seeing your creativity is always dope!

Description : Some beat box with a clap over the snare

Description : I used my Voice to make a Easy Sample.

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Loops 1 - 25 of 66