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Description : Pitched Voice

Description : Rubbed a phone on a condenser microphone

Description : I made this classic Yoi sounds using serum. I added a little noise to get the background of the sound more interesting. Let me hear what you can do with it! ;) (I made it at 120 bpm but could be perfectly used at 150 bpm)

Description : Market Drill & Memphis Loop
Tags: Pop Smoke, Digga D, OG Buda, Drake

Description : Ambient Guitar loop for keed lil gotit , feel free to flip it
dm me fore more info

Description : Riser loop accompanying the drop for the second part

Description : Made in Fl Studio.

Description : Show me what youve made!


Description : Some vinyl I sampled from an old interview, (not mine!)
Just felt that this place needed some more ambiance and texture samples. Enjoy!

Description : Toujours ils cassent la tête ça rend fou

Description : Uncompromising throat sound

Description : Theremin bell loop, 99 bpm

Description : NOTES ARE D F G F

Description : Can be used in dubstep, trap etc.

Description : Made from Dune2, pitch +400, and that's all
go to 1 billion sub'

Description : Denoise police siren from video of Khabarovsk protests

Description : A police siren from Khabarovsk but a loop

Description : aura sound with some darkness in it
could hear it at a faster tempo harddd
link what u make
if placed contact me via email...
want more loops? dm me if you fire, we will work

Description : Link me your final product if you use this loop

Description : Weird drone type sound. Made with the "seagulls" malstrom patch in reason.

Description : send me what you make :)

Description : .: Time to rest a few seconds :.
If you wanna add a nice silence to your production, here it is ;)

Description : alternative version with different reverb settings

Description : dreamy transition/downlifter effect made from the reverb tail of some chords

Loops 1 - 25 of 2797
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