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Description : new loop!
drop work down below!
let's build reach out to me (click on profile)

Description : Dark pad loop again!
Drop any work I'd love to hear it!
feel free to reach out let's build (click my profile)

Description : Just a clap build up,
maybe you could add a Pitch to it or something
Made using a metal grinder
35% soundgoodizer

Description : If you want to build your own afrobeats drumloops, download my shango drumkit :link in bio

Description : I made this for one of my recent songs that you can even find on my profile. It's called "The End". Contact me if you wanna collab on any song! Feel free to use this, but comment me what you made!
Chord progression:
Gm - Eb - Bb - Cm in key G minor

Description : If you want to build your own afrobeats or afro trap drumloops, download my afrogiant an oya lansa drumloopkits: link in bio

Description : If you want to build your own afrobeats loops, download my Oshun and shango drumkit :link in bio

Description : if you want to build great afrobeat loops like this, download my Oshun and Shango drumkit: link in bio

Description : Made this a very long time ago for an EDM project, but eventually, I decided not to keep the song. It's a good song, but too repetitive. Anyway, here's the build-up pizzicato. Contact me if you wanna collab on any song!
Chord progression:
Eb - Bb - Cm - Ab in key Eb Major

Description : you can use all my loops without giving credit. all my loops are 100% free for profit !
you can give me credit but its on you !
love yall keep it up
have fun and enjoy making music

Description : I just want my unicorn. I want to build something great, let it take off and point to it say I had some involvement in that. I created that. I made something great. Do you want to help, make my loop into a beat, drop the comment below, and let's make something awesome together. That's why I love creating stuff and putting it on here, I get tired of making my same old beats. Music is to be collaborated on and shared.
I think it's Abmaj Cmaj C#maj

Description : Nice little chord progression with a playful melody build into it.
The chords are Gadd9 F#7 D6 Cadd9 Bm7.
Feel free to post the beats or tracks you made in the comments.

Description : if you need an afrobeat drumkit to build your own loops, download my Eshu drumkit: link in bio

Description : Build up Drums 100 BPM Illuminati Percection

Description : No Copyright. Leave a comment with your track if you used this pls I would love to hear it. :)

Description : No Copyright. Lemme know if you use this in the comments pls. :)

Description : Tropical pluck Build. No Copyright. Lemme know in the comments if you used it! :)

Description : if you need good afrobeat rimshot samples and loop to build your own afrobeat drumloops: download my afro rimshot kit: link in bio

Description : I used this piano piece in a song of mine, and it was used as the build-up piano. If you wanna get more piano or bass pieces from this project, check out my uploads.
Chord progression:
D#m - F# - A#m - C#

Description : I used this sub-bass for a build-up (in the pre-chorus) and it's so good with that piano piece that I uploaded recently.

Description : Made it recently using Nexus... I used this part in the pre-chorus in one of my songs, and it also sounded awesome. It's very good for build-up. But it could also be used in trap and/or hip-hop, pop, rock. I also uploaded another version of this piano piece. I'll also upload more stuff from that project, for example, bass, etc

Description : weqqwqw

Description : wqeqweqweqwe


Description : QEWQEWQQWQWE

Loops 1 - 25 of 550