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Description : May be a suicideboy type beat with adjustment slow tempo, 15000 effects
Or just a chill loop
-400 pitch

Description : Flipp Dm me for more info
Pyrex Whippa, Gotit, Lil Keed, Wheezy
maybe pitch it down or slow it down a bit

Description : something calm

Description : I FLEX on tha vst
tempo was at 130 but I slow it down

Description : A thick synth patch plays some slow chords.
Harmonies: Dm7-------Am9

Description : A synth plays expressive chords at a slow tempo.
Harmonies: G#m-----E6

Description : Sad guitar for all of your emo rap needs

Description : A slow moving trumpet sustained. Its playing chords, think it's a good background ambience for a track and very easy to put a melody over. Good for rap or trap
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Roddy Rich, Drake,

Description : Join my discord server for more free loops! Link in profile.

Description : It's a nice LOFI/slow piano chord progression.

Description : Live Guitar, Fliped with Fl studio 12
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suitable for the following artist/producers lil gotit lil keed youngthug lil baby wheezy cubeatz roddy ricch popsmoke polo g toosie frankdukes boi1da and many more

Description : Hope usable, click on my pic for reach to my looperman profile

Description : Slow tempo, dramatic electric guitar strums with moody triplets delays added.
Harmonies: C#min7-----D#min7

Description : Trap or rap bells, simple pattern, hope usable.
Please leave a comment if you use it or hear it in a track! CLick my picture for more loops.
Lil Uzi, Polo G, Gunna, Lil Yachty

Description : Can be used on any slow beat, use 60 bpm if needed.
Sza, Drake, Rhianna, Aaliyah

Description : A full string section plays gentle chords, descending chromatically from Gma7

Description : A slow guitar melody. I wasn't sure what to do with it so I hope one of you can make use of it!

Description : slow relaxing lofi bell loop
115 bpm
post what you make in the comments

Description : A small group of females sing a slow-tempo 8th-note based chant.
Harmonies: Eb----Fm----Bb7

Description : A grand piano in a big space, plays gentle, expressive chords at a slow, stately tempo. The feeling here is a 12/8 meter; in other words, each quarter-note is divided into triplet-eighths.
Implied Harmonies: Cadd2---Am7---G7sus4---Fmaj7

Description : An electric guitar plays a slow, expressive riff with a 1970's Soul mood. (Feel for the underlying 16th-note Funk feeling.)
Harmonies: F#m7---Fm7----Em7-----Fm7

Description : ambient, soft and psychedelic melody. for better use, pitch it down by 200 cents and slow it down a bit. link ur work down!!

Description : flute slow rap trap hiphop
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Description : Slow guitar loop made with one shot
Comment beats
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Description : Slow guitar loop made with ample guitar
Comment beats
Check profile for other loops/midis (click profile pic)

Loops 1 - 25 of 1068
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