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Description : Oldschool Rhodes Piano with vinyl fx
perfect for slow boombap or bouncy trap beats
dm me on my socials for the stems and notes
lemme hear what you made

Description : Slow Piano Intro by Gontar made with roland.

Description : Much space and some hi-hat rolls

Description : Slow guitar in arabic harmony. Minimum Fx

Description : A simple slow 75BPM hiphop loop

Description : Something sad that sounds straight off the vinyl. Feel free to share what you made with this xoxo

Description : strat through Boss processor..slow rock

Description : I originally had this for a slow dance beat I have but ended up not using it. I think its very beautiful and I hope you can get some joy out of it!

Description : Slow Trap Drums like lil Baby, Lil Pump or Gunna

Description : Bells and a lot of reverb and delay.

Description : piano keyzone
share your music

Description : I did this piano progression by doing as if I was remembering good times, and therefore making the moment feel a bit nostalgic.
I hope you like it and that it will be useful for your productions.

Description : Slow Dark Piano Melody and Chords

Description : j dilla inspired slow and off beat swingy drums. if you used this sample put your beat in the comments. stay cool.

Description : kickstart, reverb, compression ( might be good if you slow it down a bit )

Description : Made in FL. its a Vibe.

Description : dark

Description : dark

Description : Drumaxx Hip Hop Slow Beat 1 MC
Drumaxx Lofi Breakbit 2

Description : Produced by LxPanda
Slow, Bounce drums, Club
Contact me for split drums

Description : Show me what you made with it in the comments!

Description : Inspired by sewerslvt's acid dnb revival, made with Vital to give it it's slow evolution which is perfect for looping whole or only a section of it.

Description : Might work with slow funk or jungle drum loop
Played on bass guitar with the F word on the headstock.

Description : This is the low growl of the Jazz Bass, something that may work with slow trap or funk grooves.

Description : Quick Stuttering Flute.
Slow it and pitch it down for drill
Contact Me on IG for details and more.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1198
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