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Description : Kinda strange vibe, hopefully somebody finds some use to this xd

Description : vocoder, lfo, mods, acoustic and 808 kit

Description : A xylophone with a marching rhythm. Remembers a toy movie soundtrack or a christmas animation movie about the nutcracker.

Description : A fast and frenetic rhythm banged out on an old upright piano, as though in an 1890's Parisian cabaret.

Description : A clavinet with some chorus and a funny/happy chord sequence. Good to relax and dance at same time

Description : A voice says boo.

Description : nexus purity bladee anime drain gang hyperpop ripsquad genkos lovbug maknae

Description : Synth Cmaj 90

Post a link if you use, thanks

Description : This is probably the best worst loop ever. Thats why i am uploading
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lil tecca nick mirayoung thug kanye west logic nba young boy

Description : Made with soul for soul. Use it as you want, if you've used it, show me!
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rap pop jazz hip hop atmosphere slave33 like star
Thanks! With love from Siberia

Description : drake_6_oVo_type_loop

Description : drake_6_oVo_type_loop

Description : intro jingle hiphop rap pop

Description : F Minor Harmonic. Link your work down below. More loops on my page, by clicking on my avatar pic.

Description : Made in FL Studio with Flex, Saif Sameer Synthwave pack , FM Bit preset. Fruity delay and gross beat added for effect. Consists of the notes A, D, D#, E, and F. So A Blues scale! Leave your work in the comments thanks!

Description : piano keys comedy fun acoustic
Share your music. Just leave a link.

Description : weird comedy funny lead
Share your music. Just leave a link.

Description : comedy flute phrase solo acoustic
Share your music with me. Just leave a link.

Description : a minor ...k

Description : Weird Guitar Loop

Description : Virtual Instrument: NI Kontakt

Description : Have fun! Show me what u made of! =)

Description : Funny loop. Hawaii sound.

Description : me saying bruh

Description : Scottish bagpipe

Loops 1 - 25 of 75