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Description : comedy flute phrase solo acoustic
Share your music with me. Just leave a link.

Description : a minor ...k

Description : Weird Guitar Loop

Description : Virtual Instrument: NI Kontakt

Description : Have fun! Show me what u made of! =)

Description : Funny loop. Hawaii sound.

Description : me saying bruh

Description : Scottish bagpipe

Description : Virtual Instrument: NI Kontakt
FX: Waves J37

Description : Virtual Instrument: NI Massive

Description : I would read your reviews in the comment section below.

Description : oh yeah yeah

Description : oh yeah yeah

Description : Vibraphone chords are morphed with water bubbles.

Harmonies: E7add9----A7add9

Description : bruhh rbuh

Description : some drums

Description : this is one of the drum loops from my new track on soundcloud "TRAPPIN"

Description : i dunno, sounds like something you would hear in club penguin if it was still arround. Anyways,

enjoy ;)

Description : The organ part I used in the original of where I used the "Silly Hum" loop I uploaded yesterday.

If you use this loop, and combine it with the Silly Hum, I would really love to hear the result!

Description : A very silly hum indeed. I used it my self some years ago: I recorded an idea on my cellphone but when working on it, I thought it sounded too stupid to use it for a serious project. So I used it to create something silly. Now I re-recorded the humming. Probably useless unless you want to create something silly too. Have a laugh, enjoy!

Description : because why not

Description : Peppa Pig

Description : da 2nd part of the da song

this melody means alot to me TwT

Chur to the Chur


Description : just a loop of a song ive been working on using fl and guitar.

hope you guys like coz this has meaning to it :'(

chur to the chur


Description : KEY: c-maj
TEMPO: 77bpm
#oklaboko. just picked the first loop that popped up and made a loop to it. some weird bass but it fits. peace.

Loops 1 - 25 of 60
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