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Description : Click on my profile picture for rare loops & packs

Description : Vox/Chant with Alterboy...
- Layer This sound with part 2 !
# Send me your finished beats on IG.
# Click picture to see my profile details

Description : D# Kick
D# 808 (sidechain)
Halftime HH
good works good luck!

Description : Synthetic voices chant within a church. Created entirely within the freeware synth VITAL.
Harmonies: Em7-----Dm7

Description : A small group of females sing a slow-tempo 8th-note based chant.
Harmonies: Eb----Fm----Bb7

Description : Powerful Viking warriors sing a unison chant within a cavernous fellowship hall.

Description : My single Om Aum mantra chant, ideal for meditation projects.

Description : that goes so hard with dark loop.
be sure to leave a comment!

Description : u know it by now lol

Description : let me see what you do with it

Description : usING SakurA PluG iN SouND gUitAR pLUcK w/ GRoSs BeAt chaNT

Description : Uk drill chant used by M1

Description : drop a comm gonna check it. Try your own hats to that

Description : uploading because it took me a minute to find this chant :)

Description : just some drums with theroad runner "meep" as a chant. They´re fast, aggresive and will fit to anything fast.

174 BPM, will fit any key

enjoy :S

Description : wierd percussion hit strum chant loop

try some compression to control it
C#m 130 bpm

post if u use!

Description : Click to my profile for the rest parts of the loop

Description : A male chorus sings a rousing march chant.

Description : Drums with cymbals in triplets, with a weird "chant" type thing in the back. i just took the sub out of one of my basses and tossed it in.

Description : Curious rhythmic chant! 4 seamless bars.

Description : Trap Chant FX

Description : Kick, layered clap, hi-hats, crashes, extra snare, chant, 808s.
Can also be used in LoFi if slowed down a lot!
Let me know how you used it!

Description : it is in 95 bmp in mustard mode so yall can hear it and chop it.very rare hey chant

Description : Since I've been using Loopermam, I have not come across any One Shots at all. So I will be uploading One Shots for you guys. I'll post the best One Shots that I personally have

Let me know what you guys want/need next

Description : From some of his RnB records.No effects added.Spreaded.

Loops 1 - 25 of 65
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