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Description : made using creepy piano

Description : made using creepy piano

Description : yes yes
phonk cowbells scary ghost ghosty creepy phonky

Description : Creepy hiphop melody 101 BPM Cm

Description : piano trap that can be used for 21 savage,yung mal,no savage,polo g, any dark style rapper,idk man

Description : crazy man

Description : This loop maked on FL Studio. I used creepy piano.
Genres : UK Drill//Trap//Battle
If you used this loop then send me your work.

Description : I maked this loop in FL Studio. I used creepy piano.
Genres: UK Drill//Trap//Emotional Trap
If you used this loop then send me your work.

Description : Ominous Bell/synth loop. Gives off Drill/Trap vibes. Comment your work below!
Tags: Drill, Trap, Pop Smoke, Chief Keef

Description : creepy guitar

Description : D# harmonic minor
Played with my own synthesized piano in Omnisphere. A little harsh sound to make that dark three 6 mafia vibe. Would be nice to hear what can you do with that ;)

Description : Dark piano melody perfect for dark trap beats.
Made with creepy piano in fl studio

Description : Another creepy music box melody. Enjoy!

Description : Made in Fl Studio
VST-Creepy piano
Please share your creations with me!!!

Description : $uicideboy$ type piano i cooked up with creepy piano II lite real quick, link your tracks below!!

Description : nothing said ;)

Description : Yet another creepy music box melody made in Omnisphere. Enjoy! And as always, I'd love to hear your work =D

Description : This was my first loop created in Soundbridge.
Written in B harmonic minor key using Creepy Piano 2 Lite.

Description : Creepy piano
A# min i think

Description : Creepy Piano Free Vst
Reverb, RC-20, Delay and GrossBeat

Description : dark circus, halloween, suicideboys, bones, ghostemane, creepy

Description : Simple chopped marimba melody with a creepy vibe. Feel free to use it in your productions and to hit me up if you want a collab, MIDI file or more loops.
This loop is also part of my new free loopkit !

Description : Pad with reverb and filters
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Description : Key of Loop -Amin
Comment the tracks you made

Description : Wobbly rhodes loop with a creepy vibe to it, perfect for some Memphis type beats. Make some heat with this!
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Loops 1 - 25 of 410