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Description : It's a clean guitar with thumb walk on thickest strings (hence the name) with a melody fill. I recorded with room michrophone and guitar amp

Description : DAVEc kit, reverb, fill in your own high hats

Description : A short fill for your track. Be fair an backlink to this sample at use.

Description : simple fill, but really fun to implement into tracks

Description : Acoustic drum kit playing a rock punk groove. It has a cool fill in the end.

Description : Just crash it

Description : Hi hats and clap drums fill in

Description : hip hop loop, fill, dry fx, verb high hats

Description : indie loop, straight beat, fill

Description : indie loop, conga's with small verb, fill, quick step

Description : 6/8 TIME SIGNATURE
BPM 180

Description : 6/8 TIME SIGNATURE
BPM 180

Description : Drill drum loop with Fill ..
Happy Producing

Description : I used snare from a sample pack amd made a fill in 2 bars.

Description : this is meant to be be a pre-drop effect for your hard hitting dubstep tracks

Description : Used in my latest rnb track. Added some reverb to the snaps to fill the space a little.

Description : I created this fill using snare, crash, clap while making a remix in Piano House.

Description : B3 Organ emulation with a fast rotation, some chorus, distortion, and some ambience to fill up space

removed low end up to 200 hz and steep low pass filter around 775 Hz with a little resonance boost around 600 Hz for the LOWER pitch organs

removed around 800 Hz and 11 db reduction high shelf around 5700 Hz for the HIGHER pitched organs

little bit of stereo widening on the bus

feels uplifting but somehow meshes well with the Kanye strings

Description : Just 4 toms and Epic Moment

Description : I created this snare fill loop using EQ automation and Endless Smile VST automation. The swing is 70%

Description : I created this triplet snare fill for EDM, House. I used a reverb automation, pitch automation for snare

Description : 6-8 time sig

Description : 6-8 time sig

Description : A tom fill that is suitable for Synthwave or Vaporwave. Enjoy.

Description : I created this Slap House fill using a kick from Tropical House sample pack and I added a drum fill from the same sample pack

Loops 1 - 25 of 534