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Description : I mean u don't really need to put a link in the comments for this one but u can if u want.

Description : Have some fun with it.

Description : Some lofi/trap Isaiah Rashad type perc pattern/drum loop I made long ago.
I finally didn't use it at all, so I decided to upload it here. Feel free to show me what you have done with it, I will appreciate the feedback.

Description : Made with Omnisphere, Most presets were found under the Retro Land/Synth Short Collection which come with Omnsiphere. This one is a bit experimental as well, so hopefully you enjoy.
Part 3 is the same melody as part 1 but just used to fill up the beat with a bit of ambience

Description : Need a simple guitar riff to fill your beat in. Look no more

Description : Loop was made using Omnisphere and Electra X synths. This is something a bit different and hopefully yall fw it. This is PT 3 and is used as an ambient background to fill the beat up
Comment what you made with it

Description : This is the part 2 of my loop naruto plucks simple violin fill.

Description : This is my first acoustic drum fill I ever made. I used the acoustic drum samples from KSHMR for making a drum fill with 70% swing in FL Studio 20 when making a new track.

Description : A Code: Pandorum style Choir Fill.
Hello, I'm Venity.
I'm an Deathstep, Riddim and Minatory producer.
Being that I learned as a self-taught,
I'm constantly trying to improve on these types of music.
So if you want to give me some advice or criticism, write me! :)
Please send me a link below if you have used one of my loops, I would love to hear your track!

Description : Funky fill from my original track "Heat".

Description : Here is a really heavy dubstep drum fill. Great for pre-drops or breaks within a drop.

If you make a song with this loop, or any of my loops, please be so kind as to leave a reply with a link to your song. I love to listen to and support artists who use my loops!

Description : chilled drums afff

Description : Here's a bonus since I wanted to give you guys an extra sample. I will leave this account open forever, so that you can download my samples if you want. No closure whatsoever, so download as many samples as you like. Thank you again and goodbye forever.

Description : guess who´s back? back again? MORE DRILL DRUMS, BABAY! This time with an 808 fill at the end ;)
120 BPM, Cminor
enjoy B)

Description : Fill in variation of the drum loop at 110 bpm, two bars. 49er.

Description : I made this sound in Serum. This fill is actually featured in my first track, "We Saw The World."
This sound is featured in my samplepack, "DYLO VOL. 1"

Description : I made this in serum. I love arps.
This is used in my DYLO VOL. 1 demo as a fill.

Description : Groovy 80s drum with fill - 8 bars

Description : Fits well with riddim/dubstep if you use it before a drop

Description : Brassy dubstep bass and a fill thingy at the end

Description : with love for '05 era hip hop

Description : Cool bassline that I just thought of and yea. Won't be using this in my projects, because there might be some other sounds I made that I like.
Basses - Phaseplant
Sub & Fill Chords - Harmor

Description : Drum Fill for your productions, feel free to use it!

Description : Found this really cool preset from Phaseplant (Trial ;-;) and created a Dubstep Reese fill pattern :)

Description : Found this really cool preset from Phaseplant (Trial ;-;) and created a Dubstep Reese fill pattern :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 504
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