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Description : Bass synth with a bit of Lo-Fi/8Bit Chiptune characteristic for House music. I'd like to know what you made with it, share the link ^^
Tags: bass wobble, electronic, drop, bassline, edm

Description : i'd love to hear what you do with this

Description : chery bassline

Description : I'M BACK! officially rebranded to "officialmadscientist" now. Here's my tearout bass loop I'm using for a song! I'll be posting A LOT of tearout stuff and other experimental stuff that I'd probably decide to dump into here, so expect a lot of new stuff from me. Anyways, enjoy!! 3/3

Description : Bass Synth Piece of Reggaeton Loop
good works good luck

Description : i made this bass hehe

Description : Bass played in Korg Triton VST and distorted. Drop your beats in the comments here or email me!!!

Description : high end :sob:

Description : Just a lil something I whipped up didn't want to use it in my song so thought u guys could use it in yours! hopefully :)

Description : Some fire serum bass in the style of R3HAB , Alok and many others

Description : PART 1 (Piano) available on my profile.
Feel free to share your work with me.
Don't forget to check out my other loops by clicking on my profile picture.

Description : Synth 6 preset from Sytrus with a load of FX

Description : enjoy, happy to hear your results :)
who I could hear on this:
TyFontaine, Lil Uzi, Don Toliver, Speaker Knockerz, Pierre Bourne, Juice Wrld, PopHunna
for a part B and more, click on my profile picture to DM.

Description : I love serum so much

Description : Witch house bass opening
Cdur 120BPM

Description : Basic riff. Not alot of processing as the A and B parts were from my library. Just a bit of eq, distortion and eq in the chain. It sounds pretty techy with the right sidechain envelopes and drums :)

Description : A bass synth plays a steady 8th-note boogie-like progression. Created with the freeware synth, Vember SURGE.
Key: F Blues

Description : A warm, analog bass synth that doubles as a lead. It's very melodic and pop and has some cool rhythmic variations. I think it could be used in a number of sub-genres like Tropical House, Bounce, or even Future RnB.

Description : Yeah you know

Description : A deathstep loop for you.
Sounds great with other "Resurrection" loops.
Enjoy! :D

Description : A deathstep loop for you.
Sounds great with other "Resurrection" loops.
Enjoy! :D

Description : 808 for drill

Description : Hey! I'm back.
Sidechained and with sub, ready to go!
Show me what you made with this :)

Description : BASSSSSSSSSS

Description : 808s in the style of Ghostemane
tags: suicideboys, ghostemane, dark 808, distorted 808, anti icon, lil peep

Loops 1 - 25 of 3725
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