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Description : Similar to another scratch/synth combo of mine but heavy on the scratches and extra texture

Description : Atmospheric pad used for texture. Analog synth chords with HalfTime effect. Keyboard lead with chorus and delay.

Description : Alternate trap synth with DJ Scratches

Description : High pitched trap synth with DJ scratches


Description : Phonk and Lo-fi Hip Hop Melody with Atmo and Scratches

Description : # Comment if you used this I always listen!
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Description : Yeat, Destroy Lonely ,Lil uzi Vert, KanKan, Ken Carson, Playboi Carti, Dom Corleo , Trippie Redd loop.

Description : good for drill or any evil arpeggio beat

modification of f#major key

Description : improvising with the piano roll
# Comment if you used this I always listen!

Description : walmart mc ride

Description : If you made a beat using this loop, please leave the link in the comment or hit me on IG
Greetings from Poland!

Description : D#m A#m D#m E#dim
Drop link if you use it, i'm curious

Description : 90 bpm Reallife scratch 2 - lomaster

Description : 90 bpm - Reallife scratch

Description : FIRE Melody

Description : electric loop , show me what you got
please comment links :)
have fun!!!!!

Description : Simple disc scratch with delay, made by chopping. Can be used for old school, boom bap, lofi beats. (simple, old, vintage, vinyl, dj, hip hop, east coast, west coast) Click on my avatar to find other parts of this loop in my profile.

Description : hope you enjoy this loop

Description : If you want the full sample (flute, bass and some layers) feel free to DM me on IG.
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Description : so weird! noise generator made the wah-wah sound! pretty cool thing if you ask me!

Description : Tags: snare drum scratch, turntables, vinyl ...

Description : Tags: 911 GT2, sports car, scratch ...
Inspiration: "Lloyd Banks - Start It Up"
Pickup: 16th note

Description : Tags: DJ, turntables, vinyl ...

Description : Peps drums up like percussion ...
Tags: oomph, vitality, energy ...

Loops 1 - 25 of 174