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Description : I made this with a soundscape.

Description : Please let me know if you make anything with it!

Description : Weird Loop LOOOOL

Description : Horror circus type sample like ghostemane, bones, lil peep etc

Description : synth loop

Description : Share your tracks in comments!

Description : Inspired by Playboi Carti, Yeat, Kankan, and Yvngxchris.
Thank you for the listen, if interested in stems etc....lmk!

Description : prod. by goodbyeyuki
Spacey loop made with Minisynth with Reverb & EQ
Style: K Suave, Gab3 , hyperpop
DM me for Stems / Midi / Exclusive loops.

Description : TIME TRAVEL LOOP

Description : Spacey, sparkly synth bell arpeggio with lots of reverb. Giving a dreamy twinkly Clams Casino vibe. As well as a Bladee type melody.
Cloud Rap, Dream Pop, Ambient Pop, Trillwave

Description : Nebula. A steel acoustic guitar riff I played myself. Lots of added reverb and delay, giving it a sad, spacey Lil Peep vibe. Emo Rap, Cloud Rap

Description : Kindly

Description : Sandman. A LoFi, dreamy synth mallet washed in reverb. Giving off psychedelic euphoria. Cloud Rap, Trillwave, Phonk

Description : -----

Description : Benzo. A reverbed, psychedelic guitar loop I played myself. Meant to give off an LSD/Drugs You Should Try It feel. Trippy guitar

Description : charango

Description : sad guitar

Description : enjoy my first loop, lmk improvements and pretty pls leave any uses of it, id love to hear it!!, I used LMMS and the Mario64 sound font, also im not very experienced in this, so sorry if you dont like it :)

Description : Andromeda. A reversed guitar synthesizer with pillowy reverb. Gives an intergalactic, emo rap sensation like Juice WRLD. Cloud Rap

Description : Here's Lunar Lullaby. A spacey, dreamy synth bell arpeggios meant to entrance the listener. Man On The Moon experience. Ice Cream Truck

Description : Put some chord and arps together on xpand2. idk what it is but the sound is cool. Enjoy
Please link your stuff

Description : mystery piano chords

Description : Forgotten

Description : Pi'erre Bourne / Playboi Carti type melody. Made this with a reversed Digipiano from Nexus and came out with a cool atmospheric melody. Comment what you made from this!

Description : I picked a preset from the Roland MC-101 and played a simple Melody.

Loops 1 - 25 of 351
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