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Description : Virtual Instrument: NI Kontakt
FX: Izotope Neutron

I don't know the exact genre, but can't upload loops without indicating one. For Drum and Bass it is too slow. But it sounds dope in my ears. That's why I bring it.

Description : Threw together a Drum and Bass beat a really long time ago, I later changed the drums and turned it into a sample.

Send me project links

Description : Drum and Bass - Possible Return for JF? Not sure yet.....Stay tuned.

Description : please link me the full song you have made with my files! :)

Description : Personally, I used this sub bass/808 to make a rap beat but it CAN be used for Future Bass, Drum And Bass, EDM, etc.

For this, I used:
3x Osc (Added 500 cents of glide to the 808)

Description : Hope you enjoy :D If you have used my loop in a track, I would like to hear it

Description : hope it is usefull

Description : Hope you can use it

Description : Hope you like it ;)

Description : Loop For Drum And Bass

Description : a weird bass pattern good for industrial drum and bass. if you happen to pick me and my weird sounds to be in your track I would be honored to hear it

Description : High energy/uplifting drum and bass loop

Description : Looped D&B drum beat made in FL Studio.

Description : Drum and Bass, Traq, Allright, Trap,Lo-Fi, Lofi.

Description : Pluck, Key, Stab, Fm, Reggaeton, Reggae, Dubstep, Dub, Drum and Bass, DnB, Trap, TripTrop, BoomBap, HipHop.

Description : Este loop podra poner energia a tus canciones, utilize samples y loops poderozos y conoces a personas que e guste el drum and bass y necesite loops le avisan que yo estoy aqui.revisen mis demas loops, son buenasos.

Description : Un Loop masivo de neurofunk, DrumLoop, Dub. Neuro, Funk, Dnb, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Drumstep.

Description : Party, Modern, actually, New, Dnb,Metal, Jungle, New, $$$, DrumandBass, D&B, Drum & Bass.

Description : Warfare, Klauz, dnb,Drum and Bass, D&B, Drum&Bass, Drum, CoD, SCP, Ok, Meme, Follow me, Ok, ???, Peru, Metal, Industrial, Trap, NeuroTrap;Neuro Funk, Moder, Funk.

Description : West coast drums like blueface or sob x rbe

Description : A simple liquid-like sub made with Serum. Not mastered.

Description : Kick + Snare + Hi hats

Description : Use it for free.

Description : Made in Reason.

Description : just loop kick and snare for dubstep or drum&bass
(without percs hat ride etc...)

Loops 1 - 25 of 375
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