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Description : From the Far East.

Description : Very Sad Loop.

Description : Sad Acoustic Guitar Loop :)

Description : Bassline A#min 90
Post a link if you use, thanks

Description : Bassline Bmaj 90
Post a link if you use, thanks

Description : Made using logic stock plugin Alechemy
Let me know what you make and hit me up if you want to collab

Description : dramatic sound

Description : Hope you can find this loop useful! Post a comment with your beat or song if you use it, we'll try our best to check it out! Click the profile picture to hit us up!

Description : a lot of hats

Description : Yeat,2 Alive, Playboi Carti, Lancey Foux, Ken Carson dark hyperpop loop.
You can go to my profile to get my socials for updates, stems, etc.
Send me back what u make!
I use serum and portal on everything I make.

Description : Moody bass distorted to fuck, not layered. Can work in Dm too

Description : Made with soul for soul. Plugins: Sakura, Glue, Echo Boy, FabFilter! Use it as you want, if you've used it, show me!
write, contact me (click on the picture)
rap pop jazz hip hop bass
Thanks! With love from Siberia

Description : groove basse
if you use post a link thanks

Description : Some E chords with a little bit of strum "The Lovers" preset on Hive in Tarot banks. I give it to you cuz' it's pretty but idk what to with it

Description : I made this on thanksgiving. I'd say its like a rage melody

Description : some chords again played in D#, pitch it down to -800, soo I don't really know the key, On Tunebat it says that is G major sooo.. yeeh.
preset : Purple Lullaby from Flex

Description : Lil preset from Pigments one more tiiiime
I made it in D# but after workin on it it tells me its now F major

Description : Impulsive

Description : luuv'

Description : used the "Key C80" on Astra and made that lil'stuff quickly, some hats groove coming to give a lil'vibe with it

Description : Show me what you made with this sample. Need more samples like this?
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Description : Hard and low groove, may work against some straight 4\4 drum loop. I felt a little resemblance to the infamous "So what you want" by Beastie Boys. Played on 1995 '62RI Fender Jazz bass that hangs on my profile picture.

Description : Shaku synth sound with some space to it.
Comment what you make with it !

comment what you make, I really want to hear it.

Description : Trillwave drum pattern with ahrd 808 and rolling hihats

Loops 1 - 25 of 428
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