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Description : If you want to get a midi file from me of this piano piece, contact me!
Plugin: Nexus
Chord progression:
E - B - F#m - A

Description : space loop 228 pluck chord 2 gross beat
show me your beat

Description : Pluck Chord
Comment what you made!

Description : Simple piano chord loop I played myself. Meant to give a jazzy old school anime vibe, I.E. Cowboy Bebop. Spike Spiegel anyone?

Description : Put some chord and arps together on xpand2. idk what it is but the sound is cool. Enjoy
Please link your stuff

Description : Chord progression played and recorded in stereo into Ableton using an Ensoniq ESQ1. Custom patch. No effects.

Description : Lofi Musicbox type synth synth chord progression played on Ableton using Strum on Max For Live

Description : This loop include: 2 bass tracks, 2 power chord tracks, 2 lead tracks & effects.
If you wanna use/buy full loop dm me on instagram.
tags: trippie redd, playboi carti

Description : simply chord for chill on lofi type beat

Description : So this is another part of my last project. This is good for pop, house and dance songs. Or anything like that. It's great for bops.
Check me out on YouTube: True P!nk Fan
Chord progression:
Bm - D - A - G

Description : So I made this for one of my projects, but it's so good and I thought I would share it. Wanted to make its style to be like Get The Party Started by Pink lmao
It's pretty good for house, dance, or pop songs
This bass pattern was made for this chord progression:
Bm - D - A - G (in the key of B minor)
Plugin: Ample Bass P Lite

Description : Running Back Part 2, synth chord progression, adds harmonies for Part 1 & a brighter feeling.

Description : A clean and cute kalimba, I can think of Lofi songs when I hear it, but be creative.
The key is C major.
Chord progression:
Dmin7 - G7 - Cmaj7

Description : Used this piano for the chorus of one of my demo songs. I think this is an awesome melody. The song also can be played in C Major. Since I won't use this one either, you can make it your own. It's from my demo called "Demo67", I don't give my demos exact names. But I wrote lyrics for it and its title is "I will lose you one day".
Gonna upload more of this project, so if you wanna more like this, stay tuned!
Plugin: Addictive Keys
Chord Progression:
F - G - Am - Em

Description : i use analog lab for this loop. the chord at the bass is Am Fmaj Dm Emaj

Description : I made this beautiful piano piece about 1 month ago. I wanted to use it for a pop song, but since I stopped making that song, I rather let people use it. This piano piece is so good for pop songs. In my original demo, I used this part for the pre-chorus. So it's kind of good for pre-chorus.
Plugin: Addictive Keys
Chord progression:
Ab - Eb - Fm - Db

Description : I made this melody when I got heartbroken. It's not my best obviously. It was supposed to be in my ballad, but I rather discarded it because I didn't like it that much. So I rather uploaded it here. Maybe someone will find it useful.
Plugin: Addictive Keys
Chord progression:
Eb - Bb - Cm - Ab
Comment what you made from this! I hope you find it useful! Feel free to use it ^_^

Description : Chord Melody. Comment what you did :)
Wanna Collab? Dm me

Description : Hmu on instagram for the stems. Click my profile for more info
Chord Progression:

Description : Synth pad playing a trap chord progression and melody.

Description : If you want the MIDI file check my profile page (CLICK ON PICTURE).
Gunna inspired chord progression.

Description : Chord Pads! Share your projects!

Description : lemme know if i can improve something

Description : G MAJOR
If you use it, please let me know.

Description : Personal serum preset ran through post processing.
This is just a simple chord arp, use it however you want.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1582
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