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Description : Hit me on IG or DM for midi and custom loops

Description : .........

Description : FX Loop; Childs Laugh - Children's laughter - Child is laughing
Contact me only via Instagram or Facebook please!
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Description : A SFX loop I made tonight of a field recording of singing bullfrogs, just outside my house.
8 seamless bars, when taken at a tempo of 100bpm.

Description : Check my other loops ~ workdog

Description : made in logic pro x

Description : i made this loop using free vst labs
tbh idk how i got this result i just mixed many things and i got this
i felt its really lit and it got a potential
i guess its LOGIC type thing , u guys need to do the sauce, im waiting .
contact me on instagram for private loops or collab

Description : So I set out to make Funk Loops and I ended up with Trap. I made Three loops. The first one was pure Funk and the other two that followed came out Trap sounding. Can someone tell me what happened? Lol, I mean even I was shocked but not upset. Two loops I am posting.

Description : I doubt anyone'll actually use this lmao but i'm messing around with sound design and came up with this eerie sound.

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Description : Virtual Instrument: NI Kontakt

Description : made in my spare time ;) link what you make :)

Description : First sound I designed in Omnisphere

Description : horrorcore type noise

Description : dark ambiance

Description : horror background 5 of 5

Description : horror background 4 of 5

Description : horror background 3 of 5

Description : horror background 2 of 5

Description : horror background 1 of 5

Description : no eq
no compressor/limiter

Description : Metro Spacey Shiit

Description : ...or 'Draining Water'

Description : reverrrrb

Description : The clock is ACTUALLY 60 BPM. I removed most of the irritating background noise, and didn't record an even amount of ticks, so that's why it might sound... off...

Loops 1 - 25 of 53
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