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Description : (click profile picture for more!)
Tags: mallet - bell - lil tecca - fun - happy

Description : A scary soundscape! 8 seamless bars.

Description : Let me know what you think. C# Minor

Description : A horror ambience loop.

Description : Hope you guys like this one, thanks for the kind comments it's always appreciated. Liking what you're sharing and making as well.
Inspiring me to put some more stuff in the works with building out a site and tools for producers w my makeshift company Produce Hits so maybe I can devote more time to that. This site is seriously awesome thanks guys.
Cminor , Ebmajor, Gminor, Abmajor

Description : I gotta let go so I can let it flow. Gotta make it work before I go berzerk. On these beats the heat is rising. Loops the swoop of the sweep is beeping like a heart monitor. Time ticking, gotta make it stick. Gotta make it blow, gotta let go. Till my eyes close.

Description : Making waves with my looping, goop is good when it's served fried. I like fried food but I don't think it's that good for me. Maybe I should stick to fresh produce because that might be the only way I get closer to me. Sensing that I've lived many days, years, and months, I front acting like a child- but gotta be man enough to know everyone's time is up eventually.
Fmaj Bbmaj
Fmaj Dmin Cmaj Bbmaj
Ebmaj Amin Amin w/maj7

Description : D# Major
Played with my own synthesized pad in Omnisphere. A little psychedelic and a little ambient. Let me hear what can you do with that ;)

Description : Reverberating crystallised piano

Description : Ate sum cfa today.

Description : Leave me a link in the comments if you made something with it! Would love to hear your work!

Description : My grandmother died a few nights ago. I will never get over it, I wish I spent more time with her and reached out to her more. I need to get my stuff together so I can be there for people I care about.
Let's work and blow up, I am motivated. GL and drop your beats in description, I'm making beats with others loops and dropping em in description.
Know who you're working with, seasoned vet in the game . Berkeley California

Description : Grapemaster brings you another awesome loop, this one perhaps in the chillout genre.
Free loop packs in my profile click the image

Description : Beautiful wavy melody from Grapemaster
Free loop pack in description

Description : in space.. pierre bourne x playboi carti x trippie redd x lil yachty x cochise x duwap kaine.. lmk what u make

Description : BandinoTV

Description : Used the Be11a sample, reversed it and adeed Drip by Kyle Beats on to make a rainy sounding pas. Comment your beautiful tracks!!!

Description : nice sounding pattern

Description : Recovery Loop Kit Coming Soon

Description : Ambient loop

Description : If you don't follow my Instagram you a bum smh show a homie some love and what you made

Description : progression in c minor
free beats linked in bio
share what you make

Description : Steinberg Hypersonic

Description : Steinberg Hypersonic
Also, changing my prod name. Gonna make new account soon.

Description : made with purity

Loops 1 - 25 of 78