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Description : Comment what you make, would like to hear what you guys made.

Description : Here's another loop. Hope you are liking these, drop links below. Realize that we are sitting on shifting plates, nothing is ever solid here on earth. Just gotta go with the flow, and hope that it doesn't all come down on us. Free loop pack in bio.

Description : Whether you're playing tennis and you want to hit that sweet spot on the racket or you're making love, this loop could go perfectly with whatever vibe you are after. I've been working hard for months to bring some of the best new, original, and untouched loop packs to the game. Click profile pic and follow my IG.

Description : Light one up, or avoid the smoke from the cali fires- this one could go both ways. I'm slowly and steadily improving from my accident about 3 weeks ago. Xrays came back said no fractures no fluid in lung. I played tennis yesterday and won handily, played two matches and bagelled opponents 3x. Here's to renewed vigor. Hit me up on IG, click my profile pic for info.

Description : Just made this ambient loop high as hell.
Please share how u flipped the sample with us in the comments!

Description : In A Flat Major. 125. Taking a break from Rock loops. Not sure what I want to do in loops yet.

Description : fruity loops

Description : Yooo please credit me if you use these, I appreciate it. It warms my heart to peep songs going crazy that I had a part in.
You guys are awesome, I titled this one rising sun, hope all is well with you.
I also want to say thank you eternally to anyone who reached out to me about the loss of my grandmother.
IG is best place to contact me click my profile pic

Description : Wavy one this one is.
Download all my loops I should be at like 25 almost. I'm uploading more and making beats iwth yours, drop your links. Let's blow up, my grandmother died a couple nights ago suddenly out of the blue, this is for my Grandma Barbara, sorry I never got you that CD burnt and sent it off. She supported my music financially and visited me at summer camp.
I've been all around the world playing this music stuff. Let's work.
EbMaj Dmin Gmin
Love you Grandma Barbara

Description : My grandmother died a few nights ago. I will never get over it, I wish I spent more time with her and reached out to her more. I need to get my stuff together so I can be there for people I care about.
Let's work and blow up, I am motivated. GL and drop your beats in description, I'm making beats with others loops and dropping em in description.
Know who you're working with, seasoned vet in the game . Berkeley California

Description : Grapemaster brings you another awesome loop, this one perhaps in the chillout genre.
Free loop packs in my profile click the image

Description : Beautiful wavy melody from Grapemaster
Free loop pack in description

Description : in space.. pierre bourne x playboi carti x trippie redd x lil yachty x cochise x duwap kaine.. lmk what u make

Description : Pretty wavy trap melody
CMaj, GMaj, FMaj

Description : BandinoTV

Description : Used the Be11a sample, reversed it and adeed Drip by Kyle Beats on to make a rainy sounding pas. Comment your beautiful tracks!!!

Description : nice sounding pattern

Description : Recovery Loop Kit Coming Soon

Description : Ambient loop

Description : If you don't follow my Instagram you a bum smh show a homie some love and what you made

Description : progression in c minor
free beats linked in bio
share what you make

Description : Steinberg Hypersonic

Description : Steinberg Hypersonic
Also, changing my prod name. Gonna make new account soon.

Description : made with purity

Description : ambient pad

Loops 1 - 25 of 78
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