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Description : I would like to see your related work
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"made with akai mpd18"

Description : A steady bassline that sounds low-key like a pig oinking.
Harmonies: F-----Bb

Description : Always experimenting, looking for the next style, next instrument, next flow, next sound, next drum pattern and the next arrangment - we go beyond the stars if neccessary. If you are on the same mission do not hesitate & get in touch.
Cheers, SuperStellarMusic

Description : Highly-swung shuffle bassline on a wah-wah treated clavinet.

Description : Hope Usable. Heavy industrial bassline.
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Kanye, Yeezus

Description : made in serum

Description : A cool 16th-note based funk bassline.
Harmonies: F#-----C#

Description : A bass guitar doubled with a clavinet play a steady, 1970's-style disco bassline.
Harmonies: A------E

Description : This is my first bassline loop for Slap House music I ever created. The chord progression is F#m(2 bars)-Bm(2 bars)-E(2 bars)-A(1 bar)-C#m(1 bar). Please make sure that other elements of your track match with the key and that chord progression

Description : A sonorous bassline ostinato with big 'verb of the kind you might hear on a mid-1960's Beach Boys or Phil Spector recording.

Description : 808 Bassline in G#/Bm

Description : bassline made with serum vst

Description : bassline made with serum vst

Description : bassline made with serum vst

Description : bassline made with serum vst

Description : bassline made with Serum vst

Description : Fits with the drums I made "New Drums Style". Sidechain it so it can fit properly :D

Description : As soon as you get 120 downloads, I release a new loop

Description : As soon as you get 100 downloads, I release a new loop

Description : Haha, love this one.
I hope y'all can use it and i'd love to hear what yall did w/ it =D
Also sorry for the clicks thingy. Idk how to remove them. I know it disappears when you put someting over it like a kick or something

Description : kinda wanted to make some more goa loops, so here´s a bass n vocals! can also be used when making acid - ~ -
138 BPM, D# har min
enjoy :S

Description : i´ve been getting back into old school stuff lately and I think ya´ll can do something with this. Allready hyped on what you guys will come up with!
d har min, 93 BPM
enjoy :D

Description : Day one bassline results of my upcoming song "Head Crushin". Enjoy?

Description : Cool bassline that I just thought of and yea. Won't be using this in my projects, because there might be some other sounds I made that I like.
Basses - Phaseplant
Sub & Fill Chords - Harmor

Description : Sub kick turned into a bassline 140bpm 02

Loops 1 - 25 of 1201
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