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Description : Comment below with your finished product.
Everything you need to know is found on my page.

Description : V I B I N G

Description : A sad/emo/chill real guitar loop

Good for gbc, Lil Peep Nothing, Nowhere, Shinigami, emo, chill, lil tracy, xxxtentacion, x type beats

If you found this loop useful, go ahead and write a comment/ share your beat.

Or you can send it to our email. (You can find it on our profile).

If you want MIDI files, high quality, adjusted or original, CUSTOM LOOPS feel free to DM us on Instagram

Have a productive beatmaking day!

Description : Get 15-20 loops like this (wav+midi), contact me!

Genre: Dancehall/Reggaeton/Afrobeat/Pop/Afro/AfroTrap/Trap/Rap

For custom loops, contact me via mail or instagram.
For info & contact click on my profile picture.

Description : PERSONAL LOOPS?

Let me know what you made!

drake, trap, rap, hiphop, dark

Description : hard picking guitar works with my Bass loop 80s Funk Pop Style part A if u looking for a bass line. Any comment appreciated. Thanks Rick.
No name guitar straight into device low level cut no click.

Description : Moody arped guitar with pedal effects.
Need PART2 flute? DM me on Insta!
Need melodies like this? Hit me up on IG! Also got 220+ midi pack!
Contact me - Look my profile page (CLICK PICTURE). Custom loops available. Show me your beats!

Description : Disco Funk Pop feeling. Straight in clean Bass (Aria Pro SB 1000 / 1978). Any comments appreciated. Thanks Rick

Description : send me your beats

Description : let me know if you used it

Description : Em nylon strings guitar melody. always up to work, find my email in my profile!

*DM me on IG for the flute layer going with this one

Description : Comment below with your finished product.
Everything you need to know is found on my page.

Description : LMK if you use this!

Description : Made with Kontakt Library Kazakh Dombra

If u made a song link it in the comments

Description : cute af melody idk why bruh

Description : 1975 Fender Jazz straight in, light compression and eq (little boost 100k). Feel free to use the lick. Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick

Description : Send me finished beats

Description : 90 or 180 bpm

HMU on instagram (inbio) for inquires

Description : Cool lil loop I made. Not going heavy on music anymore. Do this in my free time.

Description : Made with Alto Sax by Swam Engine

lmk if used

Description : made with nexus 2

lmk if used

Description : *Used Arabic Scale on B*
Comeent down for work :)

Description : guitar x flute (E-Min Harmonic)

prod. by mrks

Hit me up for collabs: mrks.flp

Description : Some Nice Chords in FL Spitfire

Description : Wavy Mallets in E minor.

Loops 1 - 25 of 979
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