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Description : My first Jungle Dnb Drumbreak

Description : The chords are Emaj7, Ebm7, Emaj7. Useful for dnb, modern jungle, breakcore, future bass (basically anything lol) Hope you enjoy it. Would love to see it used so leave link!!!

Description : Might work with slow funk or jungle drum loop
Played on bass guitar with the F word on the headstock.

Description : Want more loops like this?
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As always, link the work in the comments.

Description : boombap beat

Description : G minor on a boombap swing at 84

Description : A 190 BPM amen break, mimicking the fast and randomized drum samples of Venetian Snares.
Genres: Jungle, DnB, Hardcore

Description : A repetitive and chopped up amen break, somewhat mimicking the rolling drums of Photek. Bitcrushed for flavor.
Genres: Jungle, Ambient Jungle, DnB

Description : Twistedloop Tabla Dark ambient horror Jungle

Description : Catchy, late reverb bells with a stuck in the jungle switch up
Search my name (Banser) on looperman and click sort by downloads

Description : A 197 bpm drum riser, repeatedly using the crash section of the final bar of the original sample.
Genres: Hardcore(?), Jungle, Breakcore

Description : A 197 bpm amen break, repeatedly sampling the "crash" from the last bar of the original break.
Genres: Hardcore(?), Jungle, Breakcore

Description : A 200 bpm remixed amen break, featuring a tool commonly used by breakcore legend, Venetian snares—pitching a specific part of a break up and down (see Rossz Csillag Alatt Született, his 2005 electronic album).
Genres: Jungle, Breakcore

Description : A 175 bpm remixed break, containing a reverse section and a snare roll.
genres: jungle, dnb, breakcore, hardcore

Description : chopped up a drum sample i found n added overdrive eqs and all that

Description : 808 for ambient 1994 jungle beats. Good with use with my Ambient Jungle Amen

Description : Little amen that i made

Description : A little 90s style jungle (think LTJ Bukem) style break. Made in Acid Music Studio. Leave a link to your work! :)

Description : This loop features deep house kicks and crisp claps with growing hats and percussive elements. This loop is the build into the full loop, Look out for the full loop. Enjoy.

Description : This loop features deep house kicks and crisp claps with growing hats and percussive elements. This loop is the drop loop, Look out for the build loop. Enjoy.

Description : green and dangerous
w/ sub-bass

Description : green and dangerous
w/out sub-bass

Description : played in Cmin
Let me know if you used it
Dm me on IG

Description : SGP x Slugg Christ x Ethereal type loop
Also it'll sound good on jungle/dnb music

Description : Bouncy washed nylon guitar with reverbs and eq.
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Loops 1 - 25 of 337
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