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Description : Quick hihat, clap and snare for your beats. Maybe you can get an idea, gl.

Description : Traaap Drum loop w/ kicks, snares, hi hates, fx, and clap

Description : D# Kick
D# 808 (sidechain)
Halftime HH
good works good luck!

Description : (Add your own clap) Get at me!

Description : triplesixdelete type drums.
add 808 to taste.
loop contains:
-2 types of HH-s
-2 types of Clap & Snare
-High Note 808 (Key - C)
-And a couple of percs...

Description : Lil Baby Drums

Description : kick, bass, clap, hh, perc,

Description : Make your parties much better!

Description : Kick, clap, snare, hihats and some percs

Description : I hope you enjoyed it.

Description : Riddim Clap, plus chunky kick, plus pan snare tail = the best Riddim Snare you can imagine.

Description : Bass, kick, clap, snare

Description : Boom Boom Clap Bap type Drums, Old School Beat Style. Give it a go and LMK

Description : Key is F. This drum loop includes:
Kick, clap, rim shot, a hi-hat midi pattern, and an 808 which slides up at the end :)

Description : simple clap pattern made in soundtrap.
Drake, Tay K, Blocc Boy JB, NLE Choppa, NBA YoungBoy. Lil Baby, Da Baby, Baby J

Description : A catchy, uptempo drum loop from a scratched pop project. Consists of a kick, clap, hi hat, open hat, and sub-clap. Ready to be dragged and dropped into your pop creations! Link anything you make down in the comments.

Description : Clap and Perc mix

Description : Hats, Clap, Snare, 808

Description : 2 5 1 (3) progression, kick clap hi-hat snare open-hat

Description : Some bounce for y'all

Description : Just some hard drums, hmu if you need anything.
Hihat: BV3 HH 009
OpenHat: BV3 OpenHat 001
Perc: BV3 005
Clap: based 1 beachtown clap

Description : Just some hard drums. Hmu if u need anything
808: WillAFool 808
Kick: BV3 Kick 005
Hihat: BV3 HH 009
OpenHat: BV3 OpenHat 001
Perc: BV3 005
Clap: based 1 beachtown clap
Key: A Minor
Tempo: 120 BPM
Camelot: 8A

Description : Hey!
I made these really heavy riddim drums for you all!
There is a kick, snare, clap, two closed hi-hats, an open hi-hat, a ride and a perc hit.
Hope you like it :)
Please link your uses!
(this doesn't really go well with my drop loop i posted today fyi)

Description : Bass 808, kick, oh, hh, snare, clap

Description : 808bass, HH, clap, snare, oh, perc, kick

Loops 1 - 25 of 542
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