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Description : Hard trap drums
1 clap//1 kick//1 808//1 open hat//1 hihat

Description : I created a drum loop using oneshots from Vengeance sample packs.

Description : I created this drum loop using loops and oneshots from Vengeance Deep House sample packs.

Description : I created this loop along with 2 piano and guitar loops in the chord progression F#m-Bm-D-E-F#m.

Description : This drum loop I create using a drum loop from the sample pack, making a new kick.

Description : I used water splash as snare, clap and percussion rhythm. Enjoy!

Description : This series of drum loops I made back in October 4, 2018

Description : Another series of drum loops I made by combining drum loops into new one. I made them back in March 14, 2022

Description : The clap layer of the leotrix drum stems o.o
Kinda clappy moment
No key applicable, 140 bpm 4/4

Description : no kick, no 808
trippie redd type rnb drums ig
bwb hihat& clap
nm property hat, malfunction hat, stingz perc
808 mafia snare
acd kanyewest Hat

Description : Just a clap build up,
maybe you could add a Pitch to it or something
Made using a metal grinder
35% soundgoodizer

Description : I made this loop by mixing loops, kicks and claps from the sample packs into the new one.

Description : This may be cool for og trap beats

Description : Simple trap beat. Made on FL studio. Includes hihat, clap, 808, chant, and rim hits.

Description : I decided to continue a series of Deep House drum loop. I made this loop something unique.

Description : I created first a unique kick then hihat, percussion.

Description : Outer Lands Synth with Square Lead
Definitely could use a clap on 2 and 4.
Comment if you make anything.

Description : kick, sub bass, clap and fx

Description : just a clap loop

Description : Crazy bass beat for rage beats. Bass 808 kicks, hihats, clap, low hihat. Used FL studio with EQUO plugin.

Description : Open hat
Tamb wood
Clap & Snare
Kick (vinyl)

Description : Simple loop with Clap rolls, no hi-hats.

Description : Simple loop with Clap rolls.

Description : Drums loop named "Run".
Clean, long 808 paired with a punchy kick and a clap.
This loop is free, no strings attached!
Second part of "Run" should be on my profile. Add it to this loop to create a beat.
If you made something with this loop, please let me check it out by posting a link in the comments!
(The 808 is already sidechained!!!!!)

Description : This loop was made back in September 2017, but only now I decided to upload it.

Loops 1 - 25 of 607
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