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Description : Have fun :)

Description : Weird bounce/pattern with rim/snare/clap
808s in the key of F#m. Comment what you cook!

Description : 808, Clap, Hi hat, Kick

Description : super ingenious drums with kick, hihat, openhat, snare, shaker, clap, rim and 808

Description : Kick, Clap, Snare prod.232
U wanna collab? (artist or producer) Contact me (link in my profile)

Description : Kick, hit-hat, 808 and clap

Description : 1/8step hat
pierre kick and pattern
doesn't get simpler

Description : 808 is Spinz 808.
contains also:

Description : Swag loops
Trap drums which include:

Description : super nice drums with kick, hihat, openhat, snare, shaker, clap, rim and 808

Description : super awesome drum loop with kick, hihat, openhat, snare, clap, rim and 808

Description : Crazy drum loop with kick, clap, hihat, snare, openhat, rim and 808

Description : Sick drum loop with kick, 808, Hihat, perc, openhat,
clap and snare

Description : wrldview hihat
clap from lunch77 pierre kit
No Lie Snare
1400 open hat
gass 808
808 is mixed using my magic bass sauce, hmu if u want it

Description : no specific artist was in mind making this, just catchy hi hats, booming 808s, a punchy kick and a clap

Description : Hats and clap in the style of Southside for someone like Future or Thugger

Description : One Kick and one clap, a open hat with two others swinging hats.

Description : contact me for custom loops
kick, clap, hihat, open hat, rimshot ...

Description : Made with Pierre kit's basic 808, air hi hat, basic perc, ronsolocold clap and pierre kick
Thanks for downloading, please comment if you make anything
tags: carti pierre lil uzi

Description : 2 bars of Clap from my legendary Linn LM1
Stems 4 All

Description : This is my first drum loop I made in 2021. I created a drum pattern while creating the remix of Ukrainian song for Ukraine Dancing label.

Description : Perc, clap n more. Send your works.

Description : Snare pattern to go with the chords that I previously uploaded. Made using a snare and a clap sample in FL Studio 20. Send links if you use it.

Description : Clap and Rimshot Groove made in cubase.
Could be cool for a pre-chorus (at least that's how I used it) or maybe blend it kick kicks and 808s and create a full beat.
Be creative with it.

Description : A four-on-the-floor stomp-and-clap groove inspired by the one heard on 1962's "Sherry" by The Four Seasons.

Loops 1 - 25 of 565
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