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Description : Almost raw guitar sound

Description : LABS Piano

Description : LABS Piano with reverb

Description : Guitar with delay

Description : Bm G A G

Description : Hyperpop loop

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Description : a two chord simple acoustic strum good for many genres

Description : Gotta get up, even when the times are tough. Never had it rougher but the struggle is so easy relatively comparing myself to celebrities, let alone to people in a worse place. I've got it made. So why can't I be happy, maybe I'm not working hard enough. Maybe I'm not eating right. Gotta fight. Things are hard, so I just gotta take charge. Maybe life would be better on mars.
Love y'all.
Eminor F#minor Gminor Amin

Description : Made with soul for soul. Use it as you want, if you've used it, show me!
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rap pop jazz hip hop atmosphere slave33 like star
Thanks! With love from Siberia

Description : Moby inspired distorted pad with vinyl sfx.
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Description : Loop in the Japanese key of E Ryo, made with Ableton's Shamisen and layered with Vermilion Studios' Fretless Zither.

Description : Loop in the Japanese Key of Db Yo made with Versilion Studios' Fretless Zither. Good for orchestral or storytelling type beats.

Description : Used spitfire labs for the sound and added a very short delay

Description : Part 3 lead trumpet in Dm Balkan style

Description : Brass loop in Dm

Description : Guitar loop played by KWils. (click photo for links and contact)

Description : Doubling the sweetness! Also, use the companion guitar.

Description : Reversed pad and lead from purity

Description : pad ambient fusion ethereal weird
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Description : Do not spit or you'll get fined

Description : chill out pop indie acoustic rnb
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Description : share what you make in the comments!! :D

Description : Just messin around..

Description : Yamaha RGX421Pro
Wilkinson pickups
Eminence 2x12 Governor
Beyerdynamic tg I50D

Description : Recorded serum on a cassette tape recorder and recorded it back to fl and used grossbeat on it

Loops 1 - 25 of 553