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Description : Here's a self made vocal chop for your summer tracks. Put what you've done in the comments i would love to hear it !
Flume, Petit Biscuit, San Holo, Droeoloe, Dj Snake, Skrillex, Diplo, Kygo or Electro Pos vibe.
Add : hadrriano if you want to work together
dm me for more samples like that

Description : made with fl studio 20
this loop emulates styles from dubstep, edm, artists like skrillex, kanro, kind of hyperpop, some trap

Description : Leave me a link in the comments if you made something with it! Would love to hear your work!

Description : Enjoy !

Description : Enjoy !

Description : Just A Buildup Drum!
Share What You Made!!!

Description : Just Some drums I made...
Got bored...
Share what you made!!!

Description : A very special sound in the style of Boaz van de Beatz, Diplo and Skrillex
Leave a link in the comments if you made something with it! Would love to hear it!

Description : Hope it will be useful. Also, hope that you will leave a link to your work if you use loop.

Description : EDM drop for Deathstep, Dubstep, or Hybrid Trap, just add kick, drums, brass, etc.
Tell me what you did with it, I hope this helps you in some way.
Tags: skrillex, synth, hard, gun, growl

Description : for the kids that want to sound like Skrillex

Description : Synth, Dubstep , Weird, Ged, Hit, Melodic, Hallowen, Peru, Klauz BabyC Follow me on Facebook, Scp, Dnb Modern, Skrillex?.

Description : This is an 8 Bar drop loop is the style of Skrillex and Kill The Noise! =)

Description : This is another dope Dubstep Drop Loop! ENJOY!!! =)

Sounds like the bass heavy and fast paces of Skrillex! :)

Description : aaaaaaaaaaaa

Description : A Zomboy/Skrillex inspired loop that I just whipped up. Link what you made with this!
Key: F
Tempo: 150

Description : Made this and thought I'd share it here!
Comment a link to the finished track so I can hear!
If you use it in a song, please put "ft. Sledg3" in the title. Thank you! :)

Description : Made With Xfer Serum And FL Studio
If ya use it id love to hear your work!

Description : 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.

Description : 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.

Description : Awesome drop i made in serum w a getter/skrillex sound to it

Description : Skrillex has changed his style, kinda, through the last few years. He follows a really repetitive style of sound. Here is an example of how he would process a bassline. Just add some rapid fire Hi-Hats, a harsh kick and a trap snare then BOOM, Skrillex Power!

Loop made by: Oddlie

Description : Hello guys it's now time for some brand new "HYBRID TRAP" stuff hybrid trap is a style which is evolved when trap and dubstep elements are combined ..... it was coined together by some of the famous people over there such as skrillex , snail, getter , jay karama etc...
so i decided to try out some hybrid stuff and here it is hope you guys will like it please do give a listen and convey or show to me what you guys have done with it ...
ENJOY :) NOTE- I made this loop using harmor lead and robotic talk presets of HARMOR along with some mixing .....

Description : Made in serum, put a vocal and vocodex with some automation

Description : - Lead (delay+reverb)
- Subs
- Ambient noises (metallic + alluminium)

Loops 1 - 25 of 190