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Description : "Sex. Drugs. Rock & Roll."

Description : The important Spanish phrases you'll need.

Description : Over a tannoy, a pre-recorded Ukrainian voice gives a haunting message. 2 bars.

Description : Naughty French robots.

Description : A mean female robot throws shade.

Description : Dave emotional story telling piano for sad/grievous love.

Description : Made with soul for soul. Use it as you want, if you've used it, show me!
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rap pop jazz hip hop atmosphere slave33 like star
Thanks! With love from Siberia

Description : A low male voice growls in the Ukrainian language: "Ukrainians will never surrender!"

Description : Like legend of zelda my wallet's getting swell yea.. not really just gotta have a higher ceiling, make it out the trap cuz I'm not even on the map.
Dminor, Eminor

Description : Little British girl tells you what she wants.

Description : British lady tells you what she thinks. 2 seamless bars.

Description : intro background dance deep house electro
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Description : Two people tell you what they don't have any of.

In 6/8 time.

Description : An Italian female robot tells you to press her button.

Description : A recorded Russian voice tells you: "You are now entering the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Please enjoy your stay."

Description : A German robot tells you: "Bitte drcken Sie die Taste fr eine besondere elektrische berraschung."


"Please press the button for a special electrical surprise."

Description : Have A good day

Description : Counting

Description : Curious rhythmic chant! 4 seamless bars.

Description : Id love to hear what you made?

Description : Shoutout to @realkorens, uploaded this for ya mate!

Description : Id love to hear what you made!

Description : Id love to hear what you made!

Description : enjoy.

Description : 8 seamless bars of my neighbour ladies having a row.

Loops 1 - 25 of 102