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Description : Little British girl tells you what she wants.

Description : British lady tells you what she thinks. 2 seamless bars.

Description : intro background dance deep house electro
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Description : Two people tell you what they don't have any of.

In 6/8 time.

Description : An Italian female robot tells you to press her button.

Description : A recorded Russian voice tells you: "You are now entering the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Please enjoy your stay."

Description : A German robot tells you: "Bitte drücken Sie die Taste für eine besondere elektrische Überraschung."


"Please press the button for a special electrical surprise."

Description : Have A good day

Description : Counting

Description : Curious rhythmic chant! 4 seamless bars.

Description : Id love to hear what you made?

Description : Shoutout to @realkorens, uploaded this for ya mate!

Description : Id love to hear what you made!

Description : Id love to hear what you made!

Description : enjoy.

Description : 8 seamless bars of my neighbour ladies having a row.

Description : KEY: D-min
TEMPO: 95bpm
bass that shakes for those other loops

Description : I recorded my Gf while she... ok no it's a girl saying ahhh or awww. 1st one without and 2nd one WITH reverb :) i hope you can use it somewhere.

Description : British robot is having a good time. She works at 70bpm, but also at 140bpm.

Description : A recorded lady's voice over a Tannoy, and a beeping klaxon, inform you that you are entering a parallel dimension. (Woman's voice generated by TextAloud, and the klaxon is a royalty-free SFX)

Description : -6 pitch 50% mono side stereo seperation, +1 pitch 50% stereo side stereo seperation, Reverb send for +1 pitch, then diffuse delay 33%, stereo shaper - delay, phaser. (EQ, MHORSE + MAXIMUS ON MASTER)

Description : Something random.
Text to speech is good in songs!

Description : Made with: A lot of omnisphere, some chromaphone a splash of absynth, and marinated in copious amounts of FX. The vocal came from the public domain (free use), "Practical Essays For every Music Lover" which can be found on - I recommend listening to all of them if you have the time. This loop is intended to be used an intro, outro, chorus or woteva.

Description : Here is me saying numbers. This is a SAMPLE, not a loop. It is designed to be cut, spliced, and diced. The tempo is just an estimate. If anyone creates an A.I. using my voice, let me know...LOL.Be sure to download the sister sample of the alpabet.
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Description : I was checking out new ways to connect my nice mic to my computer and rattled off the alphabet. I wonder if anyone wants to try and cut up the letters to make words, or just use as is. This is a SAMPLE, not a loop. designed to be cut, spliced, and diced. See my Numbers const kit too. The tempo is not accurate and is an estimate

Loops 1 - 25 of 93
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