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Description : Lofi Swing Drum Loop
Made in FL Studio
With Some Compression and Distortion

Description : Contact me on IG for Costum Exclusive Loops.
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Description : Little swing and movement

Description : Composed, Recorded, Edited by Joe Leytrick NOT BEDCORN

Description : wish i could take a pic of your heart so your love stays

Description : Finally after a couple of tries, I am getting back into the swing of things. A spanish guitar made in my spare time.

Description : Oldschool Chopped Swing Piano 94Bpm Emin for Trap Boom bap Jazz or regular dark Hiphop
Its a combination out of E Minor and A Major Piano Chords

Description : soul type sped up boom bap drums with swing. if you used my sample be sure to put your beat in the comments. stay cool.

Description : Just a basic future house loop.
Actually no, it's not basic. I went heavy on percussion.
Also the loop doesn't use swing, I'm sure that info will save you a lot of pain in the future.

Description : First half has swing, second half is more on beat. Cut for whichever you're after.
Lofi pluck synth made on FL Studio with some vinyl warp added for effects.

Description : Made a loop that was Lil peep inspired and used a guitar synth, then I ran it through grossbeat under the triplet function. Weird swing to it now but I think it sounds cool
Please leave a link in the comments if you use this or hear it in a song. Click my pic for more of my loops and to see how to get my sample pack!
xxxtentacion, lil peep, juice wrld

Description : 90s drum loop with swing. Very versatile loop for those who want a switch-up. Post your beat or song below. I would love to hear it!

Description : G minor on a boombap swing at 84

Description : i told cc i land at lax at 8, and she gon swing through in a bentley

Description : Chill guitars with a little bit of swing. Use it in your tracks and comment down below with a link to them! Be sure to click on our profile picture and check out other loops too.

Description : simple loop de snare afro dcal pour plus de swing dans vos projets.

Description : Swing.

Description : A swinging boombap beat set at around 70% swing. Cut the beat up into quarters for variations.

Description : Has a swing set at about 75%

Description : Sub tuned to E. Hip-hop beat with a nice swing at 75 % . Hit me up. I got thousands of beats just waiting. I'll upload more loops soon.

Description : goes w the melody i posted earlier
drums w a swing, btw its supposed to sound offbeat n all that

Description : Drake type reversed loop
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Description : Key - bm
Bpm - 155
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Description : Key - bm
Bpm - 155
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Description : Key - B Minor
Bpm - 155
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Loops 1 - 25 of 320