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Description : Dark bouncy viols with reverbs and halftime.
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Description : This is my first acoustic drum fill I ever made. I used the acoustic drum samples from KSHMR for making a drum fill with 70% swing in FL Studio 20 when making a new track.

Description : Piano loop
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Description : basic kicks n hats for those craving that swing in their tech mixes.

Description : A cool synth-bass in a funk style but with loads of swing added. Made with the freeware synth VITAL.
Key: F Blues

Description : Funky little groove with loads of swing, played on an oldschool 808 drum machine.

Description : Some Funky Electro Drums for your Electro Swing track If you used any of my loops LINK THEM IN CHAT!

Description : funky vibes

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# Washed with pitch and delay automation.
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Description : Old School hip hop, lofi drums
Kick, snare and hats. Might have been to generous with the swing ;)

Description : Lil Uzi Vert style melody with swing like moon relate

Description : Simple drum loop made with pads for extra swing.
Post link if used :)

Description : A lean and mean swing rhythm in the 1950's style, including fingersnaps and tuned tympani.

Description : layered guitar roughly in the key of E

Description : Piano comps with a swing feel.

Description : Sophisticated funk shuffle with a very broad triplet swing feel, inspired by the groove heard on the 1973 Motown record, "Keep On Truckin'" by Eddie Kendricks. Play dis one hella loud, ya'll, to really feel it.

Description : Just a little something I cooked up.
Chords (the 808 in the beat follows some chords that I didn't include): Fm, Ebm, Cm
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Description : I put an lfo on the swing level so there's swing at the end of bars.

Description : Drums with some swing

Description : some swing

Description : Swing drums for a beat i made on my yt. lmk if you want the 808s only. C minor i think. sry if not lol
Tags: ty fontaine, lil uzi vert, drums only, brandon finessin, nick mira, internet money, cxdy, taz taylor

Description : I wanted to make something somewhat darker, using a piano. It's not perfectly quantized, I wanted it to have a human feel to it, but all the bass notes are on beat, the top line just has a little more natural swing.

Description : swing style rap beat

Description : A bright, brisk shuffle groove in the early-1960's style, with a full percussion setup, featuring a pronounced near-triplets swing.
Influenced by the 1963 hit "Look Of Love" by Lesley Gore.

Description : boom bap drum loop
has some swing on this.
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Loops 1 - 25 of 286
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