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Description : Just messing around on this one, Hope you can put it to good use!

Description : drum loop

Description : The thoughts of a very strange French robot.

Description : Melancholic feeling guitar loop.

Description : A strange chatter, not unmusical, is heard within a confined metal room.

Description : Tense feeling melody

Description : Basic piano loop with some reverb, made with velves and mini grand.

Description : little trippy loop with a hint of horror lol. $uicideboy$ or ghostemane type loop maybe. i used shuniji pro vst. pretty please leave ur creation in the comments id love to hear it

Description : percussion loop, 6/8

Description : Please share your creation with me if you use this.

Description : Send me what youve made

Description : A synth patch that sounds like strange little creatures bickering.

Description : Comment what youve made

Description : 8-bit
Rock, metal intros
Weird loops

Description : I used the orchestra drums

Description : Ample guitar with some effects, indescribable type loop, if you use it share it, i am curious.

Description : Mimicked the siren from the song "Iron Side" by Quincy Jones that was featured in the film Kill Bill. Made in Serum.

Description : Leave me a link in the comments if you made something with it! Would love to hear your work!

Description : Send me what you make :)

Description : Send me what you make :)

Description : If you made a beat from my loop, leave a link :)

Description : A horror ambience loop.

Description : synth loop

Description : synth loop

Description : A loop made with an electronic drum set, very quirky sounding. Please send your song if you use the beat!

Loops 1 - 25 of 2069