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Description : Weird percussion loop with a certain hook... 114 bpm and two bars

Description : 1 bar loop, percussion or whatnot.

Description : Follow where my light guides you into the future...

Description : Feels like you mean it.

Description : Feels like you're alone.

Description : Feels old.

Description : this is not your generic piano loop omegalul

Description : Made with flex

Description : Hope usable

Description : comment if used

Description : sax loop

Description : weird sax loop

Description : sax loop

Description : Nostalgia, reminder me of pacman or other old games you play with your console in your childhood. !!!

Description : Rising sound effect at 120 bpm and comes with a long reverb

Description : send me what you make :)

Description : Special sound effect. 120 bpm and includes a long reverb.

Description : Special sound effect. 120 bpm and includes a long reverb.

Description : Some glitchy clicking FX inspired by JPEGMAFIA - Thug Tears.

Description : Made with stock FL plugins !
Inspired by Yung Lean's Stranger

Description : plugins: electrax64 & gross beat
Charge my AK
Shawty stroking the trunk, she needs me...

Description : plugins: nexus2 & massive
The city knows my face
The city knows the taste of your tears
TYPE - SALUKI, WHITE PUNK, OSA, 104, Scriptonite

Description : HMU on Instagram if you wanna work my name is the same as my username on here

Please feel free to link what you make I always love to hear what you guys make!

Description : A layered jolly synth/xylophone melody in G#m. Was a little inspired by Futsal Shuffle.
Made with Harmor, ElectraX and Morphine.
G#m7 - Emaj7 - Dm7
G#m7 - C#m9 - D7

Description : Its like documentary film about chernobyl sound in background.... spooky
Made with Sakura plugin.
If you made something from this sound comment below ;)

Loops 1 - 25 of 1878
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