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Description : the same really relaxing and simple soul / jazz / lo-fi hip hop chord progression i made, this time with lounge lizard. if you used my sample put your beat in the comments. stay cool.

Description : really relaxing and simple soul / jazz / lo-fi hip hop chord progression i made with the keyzone piano VST. if you used my sample put your beat in the comments. stay cool.

Description : A slow and steady bass guitar ostinato in the vintage R&B style.

Description : just added a little phasing. used saturation knob and little radiator to obtain the tube feel. I been liking warm tube sounds lately so that's what imma do for a while now. Feel free to remove some mud Freq's, I just left it in so you can take it out to taste.

Chords are B flat minor, D flat, g # minor, B maj, B flat minor 7th, and E flat minor
I hope this is in the right genre...

Travis Scott, Mike Dean, Metro, tube saturation, Drake, god knows what???

Description : A large choir in a reverberant space sings Ooohs...

Harmonies: Bb_____Ebmaj7

Description : A male soul trio sings some sensitive harmonies.

Description : Ableton Live

First attempt at making a soul loop, show me your flips in the comments. Contact me for full loop (layered with bass, bell, & melodies)

Description : Electric Guitar with reverb and delay

good for soul type beats
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Description : A large string section plays some expressive chords in an evocative space.

Harmonies: Dbmaj9___Eb7sus4____Cm7____Fm7

Description : I live recorded a chord progression on a Leslie VST and topped it up with some smooth licks.


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Description : made in fl studio 20 with a pad

Description : enjoy free

Description : Drum part for Neosoul Hip Hop

Description : Bass part for Neosoul HipHop

Description : Guitar part for Neosoul Hip Hop

Description : Back from long needed break! Vinyl Soul Keys processed threw tape for that vintage old soul feel.

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Description : A strange "choir" created with a sawtooth synth wave.

Harmonies: Fm___Bbm7____Eb

Description : Ghostly female choir sings in a huge mysterious space.

Description : A rich sawtooth synth wave plays a soulful passage.

Description : A conga player plays a softly mysterious riff, accompanied by strict 8th-note maracas.

Description : Contact me for comissions, custom loops, sample packs and midis.
Performed on Schimmel K219t acoustic grand piano (MADE IN GERMANY). Captured by two stereo pairs (chamber and room)

Description : Expansive sound of female choir in a big church.

Harmonies: G____Am7____Bm7____Am7

Description : sidechained choir for deep emotions. 152bpm

Loops 1 - 25 of 576
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