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Description : dm me on ig for full loop
tags: rod wave, roddy ricch, lil durk, nba youngboy, polo g

Description : justryda x youngyanabu - soldier 158 bpm, Dm
hmu for full loop

Description : A female soul choir sings a staccato gospel-type riff on a "doot" syllable.

Harmonies: F#---B----F#

Description : A mixed choir sings a soulful riff on an "Ooh" syllable.
Implied Harmonies: Bbmaj7----F13
or you may try: Gm7----Cm7

Description : Tags: Detroit, Michigan

Description : A soulful female choir in an expressive space sings "Shoo--Doop" syllables.
Tempo counted in 4/4, but the whole thing has a slow 12/8 ballad feel, with a triplet-eighth feeling.
Harmonies: C-----Dm7

Description : A female soul choir sings a triple-meter gospel-like phrase in an expressive space. (Note: 3/4 time)

Description : working on a loop kit these one of the loops on them. made this with the keyzone classic basic electric piano

Description : A soul female quartet sings a background figure, at medium funk tempo.
Harmonies: Ab7-----Db7

Description : A female vocal group sings "oop--wee--oop" in the 1960's soul style. Very fast gospel tempo.
Harmonies: Bb----Eb

Description : With a slow 12/8 feel, a female soul group sings a doo-wop kind of supporting groove on an AH syllable.

Harmonies: Bb---Cm

Description : See my profile info to get my TRUMPET and SAXOPHONE sample packs!
Please carefully read the information in my profile first before contacting me.
Contact me to get my SAMPLE PACKS, custom loops, drum kits, .midi files and .MIDI PACKS.
Performed on REAL August Foster (Germany 1918) upright piano, yeah this one is super old.
Captured by two stereo pairs (chamber and room).

Description : Part One on my page!
Link your songs in the comments!
Drum Drummie, Piano, Nba Youngboy, Rod Wave

Description : made in fl lmk what you do!

Description : play w/ the pitch it sounds dope pitched down a bit. lmk what you guys do!

Description : Made this sample pack a while ago and am now uploading some of it here
hope you guys like the sample

Description : this melody makes me paranoid af for some reason lol. Used a reverse pad and arcade vocals

Description : Thinking bout her.... used yamaha grand piano and labs soft piano

Description : Hope you like it
this loop gives nostalgia of something you never experienced
ig superspash

Description : A firm, percussive piano riff with a 1960's R&B feeling.

Description : Girl group singing a smooth riff in an expressive space.
Harmonies: Em7---A7----Dmaj9---Bm

Description : If you want to reach me, CLICK ON PICTURE. IG Link in my Bio.
Shout out appreciated ! Thanks in advance.

Description : Dj Rell Ruger Platinum Vocal mixed with external processing for vintage soulful texture.
Click Pic/Bio for contact info , socials and Exclusive Sample Packs

Description : Chords!!!
F# maj 9, F#maj 9, C# maj 9, C# maj 9.
please leave a link to what you made out of this loop!!!

Description : Chords!!!
F# maj 9, F# maj 9, C# maj 9, C# maj 9.
please leave a link of what you made out of this loop!

Loops 1 - 25 of 446
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