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Description : Special Sexy Keys with vintage tape processing. Looperman special.
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Description : Back from vacation with more heat. Crazy Opera Vocals processed for that vintage Rell Ruger Texture.
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Description : Dark Sad Vibes

Description : Dark Sad Vibes

Description : A large strings ensemble plays some slow chords in a large hall.
Harmonies: Gbmaj7-----Cbmaj7----Gbmaj7----Cbmaj7
OR (as enharmonics)

Description : My own voice, layered 7 times and given lavish reverb.
Harmonies: Bb----Dm7----Ebmaj7----F6

Description : Vocal Synths processed for true vintage Soul texture. Dj Rell Ruger Exclusive
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Description : Dm for free midi loops and collaborations, always down to work
tags: juice wrld, iann door, xxxtentacion, nick mira, the kid laroi, trippie redd

Description : Special Looperman Loop by Dj Rell Ruger Gospel Inspired organ, Kanye West ect...
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Description : Another Soulful loop by Dj Rell Ruger. Vintage Keys processed threw tape.
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Description : A tight horn section plays an upbeat soul riff.
Harmonies: E-----Bm7----Cmaj7----E

Description : Trap N Soul, Soul N Trap.

Description : Special Loop by Dj Rell Ruger. Soul Keys Processed threw tape for true old soul feel.
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Full composition of this loop available in new Caddi Dreams sample pack comming soon. So Soulful Vol 1 out now.

Description : Special Loop Created by Dj Rell Ruger Original Vintage VOCALS threw tape for true vintage sound.
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Description : (LMK if you want the MIDI)
Made this by clicking a few notes using the Keyzone Classic VST worked on if for over 20mins and got the perfect vibe
If you have comments or questions on this, please say so
If you've used this have the courtesy to share
(comment links) it motivates to do more
if not posted email me it, ill be glad to hear

Description : The Popular Dj Rell Ruger Soul Piano Processed threw tape for original textures.
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Description : Grand piano plays some powerful chords in a resonant space.
Harmonies: Ebm-------Ab---------Db13

Description : A bright, upbeat riff played on piano, with a triplet-eighths feel.
Harmonies: Db-----Fm7-----Ebm7-----Ab13



Description : Piano Loop ran threw external tape processing for true vintage Soul feeling.

Description : A grand piano pounds out a soul riff with a triplets feel.

Description : A Fender-Rhodes piano plays some ponderous chords in an oldschool Soul style, with a slow funk ballad feel.
Harmonies: E--------Am/E

Description : Piano Loop ran threw external tape processing for true vintage Soul feeling.
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Description : Requested by Sli for, but maybe others can use it too.
The progression is Fm/Bbm/C/C7 (x2)

Loops 1 - 25 of 366
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