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Description : C major, 120 bpm, 8 bit.

Description : Good for adding a bit of depth to the track. I layered over it with some generic trap/pop sorta patterns

Description : Probably my favorite. Here's one that has different claps. Sorry if I'm a bit lazy with uploading, I'm probably busy or I just don't post much.

Description : Has two layers of the same instrument. Its a synth bit sparky in places.
Recorded by Rafztar

Description : Deep House, I am trying to be a bit more creative.

Description : Recommend EQ the low end a bit and add a sub bass over this and you're set!!
Do post any beats you made in the comments


Description : Youngboy wit a bit of carti

Description : The bass from one recent chiptune track, technically the bass is not 8-bit but it can go very well with it. It goes with a lead and drum that i will export just after that. Please comment if you used it, so i can hear what you've made !

Description : I thought this melody in my bathroom,shared it,compression is a bit off btw I think you can turn it into boombap I guess but I am just a beginner

Description : Industrial drums to mix up the content on my profile a bit. Link me your tracks if you use!

Description : i hope this piano can help you a little bit

Description : Amplifi Beats
Let me see what you wonderful people can do during quarantine!
Made using XPand!2's guitar preset, a bit of messing with velocity's and then some effects: EQ, Reverb, Stereoiser and love. Stay safe guys!

Description : Similar to the first one, I wanted something a bit lighter for part 2, same key and same BPM, with a feeling of human touch so the top isn't perfectly quantized. Dark rap, jazz rap and more

Description : Wild and epic drums with a bit of hall reverb.
Use and share with me!

Description : Took some samples meant for fx and tuned them into a drop
(Btw for the most part it is in E, but some samples are off a bit.)

Description : Bells type loop, a bit more vibey than sad today!
If you have any questions or inquires DM me on Instagram. Link in profil

Description : Made this flute loop while being a bit drunk

Description : click on my profile picture to see soundcloud link and contact me
if you used this loop, please leave a link to your beat in the comments

Description : Hardcore Kick a little bit different
Tempo:160 BPM

Description : Part 2 is a bit different, same bass notes and chord progression, different top line slightly.
Juice Wrld, Lil Peep,

Description : dance electronic weird
8 bit chiptune synth melody intro digital dirty pluck simple
Share your music with me. Just leave a link.
Find me on Instagram. (Click on my profile picture)

Description : Sad piano with a bit of ambiance. Recorded in Logic.
For those playing along at home: G#m7, F#, C#m7

Description : Recorded in fl studio with a bit of delay and reverb. Please leave a link in the comments if you used it.
tags: lil peep, juice wrld, post malone, lil tracy

Description : 4 Bars of my real Linn Drum M1,flavoured with a little bit of gate and spiced with a reverse clap.
Usable for the most of Dance tracks 80's style.
Enjoy it!

Loops 1 - 25 of 1424
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