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Description : This is my first loop, lmk if you liked it
808melo, Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign, UK Drill

Description : im not certain about the key of this melody since its made from a snare i modified a lot

Description : hats, snare, and percs

Description : 4 bars of Drums 80' style,from my real Linn Drum LM1.
Flangered Hi Hats and Electronic snare added.

Description : Loud kick, sharp hats, snare is just the default SimSynth instrument with a random wave shape.

Description : triplesixdelete type drums.
add 808 to taste.
loop contains:
-2 types of HH-s
-2 types of Clap & Snare
-High Note 808 (Key - C)
-And a couple of percs...

Description : Typically Old School Boom Bap Hip Hop Drums 90 BPM
you know what to do! let me know when you use it
lastly a decent Loop... probably the last loop this year. (just good that this damn year is finally over)
And I think its time fore a new profile pic
Happy New Year To you all guys!
Old School Hard X Lofi Hip Hop Drums Beat Trip Hop Trap MPC sampled muffled Vinyl Slow Dusty Funk Funk Snare Kick hi hat Banging Smooth Gritty

Description : Stereotypical trap drums with minimal effects: just a bit of reverb on the kick and some compression on the snare.

Description : Old drum sounds. Kick, snare, and snap compressed with Fruity Limiter. Fruity Stereo Shaper & Fruity Stereo Enhancer on master, along with a bit of reverb and a boost at 1363Hz.

Description : KICK+SNARE+HH

Description : Pan Snare go brrrr
Hello, I'm Venity.
I'm an Deathstep, Riddim and Minatory producer.
Being that I learned as a self-taught,
I'm constantly trying to improve on these types of music.
So if you want to give me some advice or criticism, write me! :)
Please send me a link below if you have used one of my loops, I would love to hear your track!

Description : kick compressed +eq, trap/hiphop snare compressed+eq, HHsnare+eq, HH+eq

Description : i tried it again:D now I worked with the old audio file (of course i cannot put all the percussion away)... enjoy DmtBz and others:D

Description : beat for DmtBz:D. Tried to remake kick and snare of my older loop, bc I dont have the midi/instrument data anymore. Probably failed completely:D. Hope this is a helpful loop tho lol

Description : chill beat snare layer
link what u make and ill listen

Description : Free to use :) / tags : Pop Smoke , Fivio Foreign, Uk drill , CJ

Description : A basic snare loop for your trap beats. What did you do? Send it to me

Description : Pan snare from a discord server

Description : Don't forget to add a nice snare!

Description : simple shit lol lmk if used

Description : Minimal, filter House loop to start your track off. Kicks, filter snare and hi-hats mixed together. Message me if you want them separate.


Description : Old School hip hop, lofi drums
Kick, snare and hats. Might have been to generous with the swing ;)

Description : Kick, clap, snare, hihats and some percs

Description : These slap hard, sub is in D# as well as the kick and snare.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1657
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