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Description : vintage drums - 90, kick and snare, then hats

Description : Riddim Clap, plus chunky kick, plus pan snare tail = the best Riddim Snare you can imagine.

Description : Snare Loop with parallel compression

Description : Bass, kick, clap, snare

Description : Processed
146 Bpm

Description : typical trap beat with hard snare and 808's

Description : I got tired of not finding the right snare or kick for my music, so i just downloaded all the packs i could and then shorten the snare and got a hip hop drum mixed in. Sounds good to me.

Description : Made compiling a bunch of foley and ofc a kick and snare.

Description : Percussion loop with snare
Root is F but ya know percs

Description : Hats, Clap, Snare, 808

Description : A very smooth and straight drum loop with Hi-hat, shaker, bass drum, and snare.

Description : kick - hat - snare

Description : 2 5 1 (3) progression, kick clap hi-hat snare open-hat

Description : fruity loops

Description : Nice build up to your beat drop

Description : made with $umeenk Drum Kit

Description : Bass, kick, X2 snare, hh

Description : Hey!
I made these really heavy riddim drums for you all!
There is a kick, snare, clap, two closed hi-hats, an open hi-hat, a ride and a perc hit.
Hope you like it :)
Please link your uses!
(this doesn't really go well with my drop loop i posted today fyi)

Description : A really heavy snare I made in FL Studio 12.
Hope you like it :)

Description : Snare 95 Bpm

Description : Bass 808, kick, oh, hh, snare, clap

Description : Hey guys! Recently I listened to Hol!s new EP, and I was very inspired. If you haven't listened to it I would recommend doing so: HOL! - Chop Box EP.
After hearing it, I made drums like him: Kick, Snare, Hi-Hats, Rides, Claps, a heavily sidechained 808, and a Revolver Click to spice it up :)
Link your uses!

Description : Basic loop kick and snare with some fun percs

Description : 808bass, HH, clap, snare, oh, perc, kick

Description : I had some fun with a drum kit and some gritty effects
Hard Lofi Boom Bap Hip Hop Old School Drums Beat
Leave a link in the comments of you use this loop would like to hear what you do out of it
Old School Hard X Lofi Hip Hop Drums Beat Trip Hop Trap MPC sampled muffled Vinyl Slow Dusty Funk Funk Snare Kick hi hat Banging Smooth Gritty

Loops 1 - 25 of 1639
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