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Description : #StandWithUkraine 16 bars loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free. Check my profile page for midis and 24-bit loops.

Description : pi'erre bourne x young nudy bass synth

Description : pi'erre bourne x young nudy arp

Description : pi'erre bourne x young nudy pad

Description : piano D#min 120

Post a link if you use, thanks.

Description : NEED PART2? DM me on Insta!
Moody strings pattern with reverbs and filters.
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Description : As usual... been playin with the piano and came up with this. Post a link of your creation in the comments :)

Description : i hope my piano loop is helping you a little bit in this bad world

Description : Just some guitar recorded on my phone. Placement material. DM on IG if you want to get in contact with me. As always hope you enjoy.
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Description : A sentimental piano loop for drill, ambient, LO-FI etc. A return of your work would be really cool, thank you very much! For more information, my pm are open

Description : Ayyy, the beach is where i'll be at catching the next swell. Hope you guys are doing well, I have had hardly any time working a seasonal job to fatten the bankroll, can't wait to get back to providing some of the dopest loops in the game. I keep making beats out of my melodies and forgetting to upload the melodies! here's one.

Description : small jazzy piano part from my track
plugin used kontakt 6 with una corda library
show your work in comment

Description : Enjoy!

Description : Classic UK Drill loop with development. Created with FL Close Grand, Half-Time, RC-20 and secret sauce)))

Description : NEED PART2 stems + strings? DM me on Insta!
Moody piano with reverbs.
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Description : Soft lofi piano loop made on FL Studio with Flex.
Fruity Reverb + izotope vinyl + some eq added for effects.
Hmu me on ig if you want this without any effects: seanpldoug
Would love to hear what you make!

Description : Click my profile picture if u want to contact me

Description : Guitar Loop

Description : spread love and work hard!

Description : lofi piano with sound effects and foley in the back. i added rain effects and street noises. if you used my sample put your beat in the comments. stay cool.

Description : A sad, melancholic lofi piano loop where every second chord is slightly out of tune, to create the classic lofi sound. Made with DPiano-E (Dead Duck Studios).
Would probably sound great with some rain in the background.

Description : distorted electric guitar pop punk
DM me on IG or Twitter for full/exclusive loop
Leave a comment if you make something :)
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Description : Tags: gloomy, dark, dusky, game, movie, sound, audio...

Description : 16 bars loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free. Check my profile page for midi and 24-bit loops.

Description : Ample Guitar Luthier pitched down with RC-20 effects in G minor scale.
If you pitch it down more times it will looks nice too.

Loops 1 - 25 of 259
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